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Easy Home Maintenance Tips To Save You Money.

Routine maintenance is a must for every homeowner. Knowing what to look for when undergoing a DIY home improvement project…


How to Choose the Right Wood Stain Color? | Sashco Webinar

Homeowners and others confused by so many stain and stain color choices in the marketplace are pleased to learn that…


The Last Home Of Davy Crockett Now Restored.

The Little Rock Eagle Scouts and Sashco proudly restored the last home of Davy Crockett.


How to Mix The Perfect Stain Every Time.

Whether you’re using Sashco stain or any other stain, mixing matters – big time! For the look and coverage, you…


The Best Way to Keep Your Log Home Insect and Rot Free.

Try Tim-bor and Cobra™ Rods. Both help keep your log home insect and rot free. To prevent rot and insect…