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It’s easy, it’s fast, and it works.

Quickly repair crumbling mortar or cracked stucco with a lasting, weatherproof seal. Mor-Flexx has a realistic textured matte finish that stretches & stays flexible, making it the most convenient way to repair all your textured substrates in one high-performance caulk.

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MSRP $8.79

No mixing needed.

Replacement and repeated repairs re-crack, not to mention they're costly and time-consuming. That's why you need Mor-Flexx. It's textured, so while it may look like mortar and stucco, it stretches like rubber, staying elastic year after year.

Textured matte finish 

A better match with realistic mortar finish for all EIFS, mortar, stucco, concrete, & stone install & repair needs. The textured caulk that makes chimney tuckpointing a breeze

Easily applies & tools

Professional water-based formula for easy application, easy water clean-up & no stinky, stringy mess. Even works on damp surfaces.

Superior adhesion & elasticity 

Remains flexible like rubber allowing for a permanent, tight seal. No callbacks or reword necessary. Stretches up to 3 inches wide with no slumping.

Paintable without the paint gloss

Compatible with latex paint and most oil-based paints, sealers, and stains and won’t cause paint gloss, making it easy to use on any color.

Blends like a dream

The textured formula of Mor-Flexx is so easy to apply, smooth out, and clean up, even a novice can execute a seamlessly blended, beautiful repair on crumbly mortar, or cracked stucco.

A permanent solution

It’s the best elastic repair for cracked and brittle mortar, stucco, and grout. No need to mix up patching materials. Save time with a quick simple solution that looks good, and lasts, too.

Mor-Flexx Colors

Great for interior and exterior use

Mor-Flexx comes in Gray, Beige, Charcoal, Ironstone, and White, and is available in 10.5oz plastic cartridges.  A 10.5oz cartridge will yield approximately 26 lineal feet with a 1/4 inch (6mm) bead.


Find out What Mor-Flexx® Can Do

Technical Info and Safety Data Sheets

Mor-Flexx will handle most any movement your substrate can experience all without crumbling. It’s perfect for many interior and exterior applications, including:

  • Brick, block, and mortar repair
  • Chimney tuckpointing
  • Stucco repair
  • Windows
  • Siding
  • Faux stone installation

Adheres to a variety of building materials and other surfaces, including:

Chimney tuckpointing

Where not to use

You shouldn’t use Mor-Flexx®:

In areas of constant water submersion or frequent, prolonged puddling. (Think ship hulls and swamps.)

In areas with high foot or vehicle traffic* such as driveways, sidewalks, or decks.

On concrete that’s less than 6 months old. It’s so immature, it’ll just make wise cracks.

Where hydrostatic resistance is wanted, like the Hoover Dam.

*Does not include hoverboards or flying vehicle traffic

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