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Zero Failures

Not to be caulky, but this is training that works!

network. learn. engage. play.

Are you interested in taking your craft to the next level?

Join industry experts and fellow Pros for serious, hands-on training about sealant technology, wood science, sealant application, or stain and chinking application; and learn how to do more with what you already have to grow your business. With multiple seminar options covering sealing conventional construction builds and remodels to log home finishing and restoration, you will walk away with enhanced confidence and inspiration to build your business.

Check out our class schedules below.

Spots are limited. You don’t want to miss out!

Seminars available:

For Log Home Finishing & Restoration

January 17 – 20, 2023 | February 14 – 17, 2023 | March 14 – 17, 2023

Now in its 24th year, those who attend Zero Failures Wood Science learn the complete log home finishing process in-depth. And back for its 5th season is Zero Failures Business Focus, dedicated to helping you take your business administration and operations to the next level. You’ll walk away with details on the why’s of the processes and products you already use and inspiration on how to improve your daily business. And before you ask: no, this is not a commercial for Sashco products. Pros and cons of all brands – including Sashco’s – are covered in-depth so you can be prepared with answers to all your customers’ finishing questions.

For Conventional Construction Builders & Remodelers

April 26 – 27, 2023

Now in its 2nd year, we’re excited to extend our much-loved Zero Failures courses to conventional construction builders and remodelers! Expect to learn things you never knew about caulking, the where, when, what, and why for all major sealant applications on a home, and geek out with us over building science and how to get involved in the building science community. Meet fellow building experts, including Matt Risinger of the Build Show and take your business administration and operations to the next level.

See what attendees have to say:

“For the past few days, I’ve spent time hanging out with Sashco. They invited me to share my thoughts and experience with sealants and high-performance building. I’m continually humbled by these interactions. I got to provide my unbridled opinion (I’m the guy who says the tough stuff even though they’re footing the bill).

I got to ride in a 700+ hp Cadillac driven by the owner of the company, he clearly cares about every member of his team in a way that he won’t, nor can be, expressed by words. I got to sit in a bar in Golden, Colorado, and drink a Coors while engaging with Mariana Pickering (co-founder of Emu) and Kyle Stumpenhorst (RR Buildings) in a discussion about the philosophy of our current place in history. Travis Brungardt and Joe Cook (Catalyst Built) were the ever-ready nets for my rambles into the esoterics of building.

I had the privilege of spending time in a sealant manufacturer’s laboratory talking to guys who eat sleep and breathe sealant technology every day.

This isn’t meant as a brag but as a signal flare to my friends that we need to give serious consideration to companies that are open to learning from us as an industry and at the same time not holding anything behind shady curtains. Companies that are open and honest, even when it’s not in their favor, are companies that I want to support because they support us. Sashco is one of those companies.”

Ben Bogie – Project Manager at BPC Green Builders

We’re family run and having a ton of fun!

We’re an 84 years-young family company that geeks out over a better way to caulk and stain. Making a ‘Good, Better, Best’ product range just doesn’t turn our crank. We’re passionate about making the highest performance product possible for each project.

Les Burch / President & Chief Goop Geek