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Caulk Talk

‘Stucco’ on your Renovation? Mor-Flexx to the Rescue!

We know renovating a home is a lot of work, especially on a home that was built in the early…


How to Caulk a Kitchen Backsplash | Tips for Caulking a Backsplash

If you’ve just added or replaced your kitchen backsplash, you know how much it can add to your kitchen’s aesthetic…

Log Blog

Fact or Fiction: Linseed Oil + Wood

Fact or Fiction: Linseed oil is food for mold; therefore, you should never use a stain with linseed oil in…

Sashco News

Skip Lunch to Help Close the Gap on Worker Shortages

Skip Lunch to Help Close the Gap on Worker Shortages. High school students and building industry leaders are working together…


Why Stock Sashco? | The Advantage of High-Performance Sealants

Give Your Customers Confidenceto Weather the Storm Stocking Sashco high-performance sealants in your hardware store gives you a clear (pun…