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  • That’s paint under Lexel. Yes, it’s that clear.

    How do YOU Lexel? Tell us!

    Lexel® is the “duct tape” of all caulks. Super-elastic. Superior adhesion. Paintable. It seals around anything: tubs and shower stalls, sinks and counter tops, window frames and door frames, PVC and metal pipes. Apply to wet or dry surfaces, indoors and outdoors. It’s tough and can handle up to 400% joint movement. It’s scrubbable. It sticks to just about anything. Lexel® clear caulk is 19 times clearer than silicone and won’t yellow or cloud up over time. Lexel® won’t let you down.

    How do YOU Lexel®? Tell us!

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    Technical Data

    Lexel® is excellent for use in a variety of areas and sticks to almost anything 

    This includes:

    • Kitchen & bathroom fixtures
    • Countertops & backsplashes
    • Wallpaper (helps prevent curling)
    • Around trim
    • Around windows & doors
    • Thresholds
    • Sills
    • Siding
    • Vents
    • Pipes & air conditioners
    • Around ductwork & HVAC
    • Wood & moulding/trim
    • Masonry

    Adheres to a variety of surfaces, including:

    • Aluminum • Brass • Steel • Anodized Windows

    • ABS • Nylon • PVC • Acrylic Sheet • Plexiglass • Urethane • Fiberglass • Polycarbonate • Vinyl • Lexan® • Polystyrene

    Other Surfaces
    • Asphalt • Stone • Brick • Fiber Cement • Stucco • Cinder Block • Formica® • Tile • Concrete • Glass • Wood • Corian® • Porcelain • Drywall • Mortar • Cultured Marble**

    Don’t see your surface listed? Contact Customer Service.

    Where not to use:

    • On polystyrene insulation
    • Where temperatures exceed 200°F
    • In containment applications
    • Will not adhere to or is incompatible with Aquaseal®, Kynar®, polypropylene, polystyrene foam insulation, polyethylene, rubber, silicone, Styrofoam® (it dissolves it), Teflon®, vulcanized rubber, and waxes

    Please note:

    • Plastics not listed should be tested for compatibility before use
    • Contact Customer Service when using in submersion applications


    *Aquaseal®, Kynar®, Teflon®, Styrofoam® Lexan®, Formica®,  and Corian® are registered trademarks of their respective owners.
    **May cause discoloration. Test first. Some release agents may be present on the surface, which could prevent adhesion. Remove release agents with rubbing alcohol or degreaser products.

    Check out our TV commercial for Lexel.

    “This has saved me from having to rebuild two bathrooms that had extensive water damage around the shower and tubs…This is a life changing product because I could not afford to rebuild the bathrooms and I do not know where I would be today if I had not found this product, I might have had to sell the house. I have used about 20 tubes so far but this has saved me many $1,000 in repairs.” – R. Berger, Amazon.com review

    “I am restoring a historic home and this is my caulk of choice. I first used it 5 years ago on a broken window. I was going to replace the window, but 5 years later it is still in, the caulk has held the window together and has stayed clear in direct sunlight. I am currently caulking between brick and wood. It sticks well, paints over well. Other caulks, paint doesn’t really stick to. This it does a great job. USE THIS PRODUCT, you won’t be sorry.” – Amazon.com review

    “This ‘elastomeric’ caulk surpasses silicone in several ways: it is stronger, it will fill wider gaps, it stays in place, and it lasts and lasts. I’ve used this caulk to seal cracks on the outdoor side of a concrete foundation… five years later it is still in place, still unaffected by the seasonal cycles. I now plan to use it in a shower stall. THE caulk to use when you want something that is incredibly tough and long-lasting.” – Tim, Professional Contractor, Ace.com review

    “I switched from a competitor’s clear to Lexel awhile back because Lexel is a better performing sealant. If something works, you stick with it. Lexel outperforms everything else on the market; it’s great stuff. Some contractors buy cheaper brands to look a little better on their bids. To me, cost-effective means doing high-quality work for the first time and that means no-callbacks!” – Jeff Linta, Owner of Jeff Linta Company (Construction & Roofing), North Myrtle Beach, SC

    “This Lexel is in a league of its own. It sticks to anything, even wet surfaces. It not only seals, but adheres so well, it will “fuse” two adjoining materials together forever. I have used it for over 25 years and early projects are still sealed and as white as they were when new.” – Amazon.com review

    “This stuff is amazing. I sealed the bulkheads on my fiberglass kayak. My kayak was dry. I only waited an hour before I used the kayak in a race. Spray skirt popped off and I took on quite a bit of water in the cockpit. No leaks into the bulkhead compartment!” – Frank W. Sherman, Amazon.com review


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    •  Tough: Survives routine scrubbing with household cleaners, including abrasive cleaners.
    •  Super elastic: When the surface moves, Lexel moves. No cracking, tearing, or pulling away for a lasting, permanent seal.
    •  Instantly waterproof: No waiting and wondering necessary. Use the sink or shower right away.
    •  Cured sealant is mold and mildew resistant: Keep unsightly and unhealthy growths where they belong – in a lab, not on your caulk.
    •  Sticks to wet surfaces: Dry weather may be days away. Lexel can be applied today.
    •  Ultra clear sealant: In fact, it’s 19x clearer than silicone. It won’t yellow and won’t go cloudy.
    •  Won’t freeze: Feel free to leave it in your truck or garage overnight. It’ll be fine in the morning.