Find A Log Home Finishing Contractor

These Contractors Are Special 

Good news: this is not another list of every contractor who has ever looked at a log home. This is a list of contractors who specialize in log home finishing and restoration.

Real Connections 

Sashco is committed to helping you connect with these folks. We’ll check back with you to ensure contractors follow-up, deliver a quality job, and leave you with a smile on your face.

Get Started in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Read this handy article, “11 Tips When Looking for a Log Home Contractor.”
  2. Enter the zip code or city and state of the log home and click on “search.”
  3. Finishing contractors, listed in order of proximity, will automatically appear. (Yes, the internet requires a bit of magic.)
  4. Click on “View Profile” to see individual contractors’ projects, or click on “Contact Now” to email them details of your project.


Prefer human voices to the automagic internet?
Call us at 800-767-5656. A live human being will answer and will be happy to give you contractor names over the phone, too. (We’re old-fashioned like that.)

Boring legal stuff:
Contractor(s) listed are not employees or representatives of Sashco, Inc. For more information regarding hiring a contractor, read the handy article linked above and visit for state-specific licensing information.