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Prevent Wood-Ingesting Insects and Wood Decay.

Rot, weather, insects, and fungi all pose a serious threat to your logs. Protect your investment—treat your logs first to make them last. Tim-bor helps protect your home from the costly damage caused by rot and insect infestation.

How much Tim-bor do I need?

* One 25 lb. /6 gal. pail will cover approx. 4,000 sq. ft. at 10% solution. * One 1.5 lb. packet will cover approx. 200 sq. ft. at 10% solution.

1.5lb $21.84 USD
25lb $155.99

Product Info

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This is Why You Should Use Tim-Bor

Bugs don't stand a chance More Info

Stops the digestive process in wood-ingesting insects so they don’t eat your wood.

Easy to mix and apply More Info

Simply mix water with the powder and apply with a pump sprayer. Easy peasy.

Prevents decay fungi More Info

Trace amounts of moisture can make their way into the wood via new cracks and checks. That’s when Tim-bor goes to work to prevent rot until you can seal those cracks up.

Costs 5 times less than glycol-based borate products More Info

Same effectiveness for a fraction of the cost, Tim-bor is the budget-friendly choice

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