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No mold. No mildew. No scrubbing needed!

Mold is gross. Stop feeding it.

CleanSeal kitchen and bath caulk is a specially formulated sealant designed to provide a long-lasting, waterproof seal around kitchen and bathroom fixtures. It’s an ideal product for anyone who wants to prevent water damage and mold growth in these high-moisture areas. Keep your kitchen and bathroom clean and hygienic with CleanSeal!

10.5oz$9.99 USD

6oz – $7.99 USD

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Features & Benefits

First Ever Active Enzyme Caulk More Info

Most mold-resistant caulks have harsh chemicals designed to kill mold, but once they get dirty, mold grows on them just fine. CleanSeal eliminates the food source…preventing mold from ever growing.

Super Elastic – Won't Crack More Info

When someone gets in a bathtub, there is some stress put on the system. CleanSeal can take it.

Easy to Use Water Clean-Up More Info

Great looking caulk lines where redos are ok.

Waterproof More Info

Don’t worry about water getting behind the sealant.

What is high performance?

We talk a lot about high performance around here, but what the heck makes a sealant or caulk high performance?

A sealant or caulk should be flexible, elastic, and adhesive. Many sealants are flexible, adhesive, or elastic. It is the combination of all three together that leads to high performance, meaning durability and longevity you can trust.

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