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    See the proof: Through the Roof!® lasts 20x longer than asphalt. 

    Is this your story, too? “I have sealed this same leak four times with roofing tar and each time, the leak returns.”* Make persistent leaks and repeated repairs a thing of the past. Get Through the ROOF!®. This ultra-clear roof, gutter, and flashing caulk goes on easy and remains elastic year after year to permanently seal those nagging leaks. It can even be applied in the middle of a rain storm! It’s proven to last 20 times longer than roof cement. Just say NO to leaks and repeated repairs and change your tune to “Five year leak GONE!*”

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    Technical Data

    *Actual reviews

    For repairs that stick, but won’t stick out, use Through The ROOF! on common roofing fixtures and materials, including:

    • Flashing
    • Gutters
    • Vents
    • PVC & ABS vent pipe
    • Skylights
    • Ductwork
    • Chimneys
    • Brick/block/mortar
    • Shingles & shakes
    • Roof jacks, cables and air conditioning units

    Adheres to most roofing materials, including:

    Aluminum • Brass • Steel • Anodized Windows

    ABS • Nylon • PVC • Acrylic Sheet • Plexiglass • Urethane • Fiberglass • Polycarbonate • Vinyl • Lexan®* • Polystyrene

    Other Surfaces
    Asphalt • Stone • Brick • Fiber Cement • Stucco • Tile • Concrete • Glass • Wood • Porcelain • Mortar

    Don’t see your surface listed? Contact Customer Service.

    Do Not Use:

    • In areas of submersion or frequent, prolonged puddling
    • With polystyrene insulation
    • In containment applications
    • Plastics not listed should be tested for compatibility before use
    • Will not adhere to or is incompatible with Aquaseal®, Kynar®, polypropylene,polyethylene, silicone, Styrofoam® (it dissolves it), Teflon®, waxes

    Special Notes:

    • CA residents only: Low VOC formula of the 1 qt. and 1 gal. brush-on grade is available and required in the state of CA.

    Aquaseal®, Kynar®, Teflon®, Styrofoam® Lexan® are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

    Watch our commercial and learn more about Through the ROOF!

    “I had a 10 ft. leaky section of an asphalt shingled roof valley that leaked through the attic and ceiling drywall on and off for years. One quart of this applied generously to the entire roof valley completely stopped the leak. This was applied directly on the asphalt shingles and flashing. I sprayed a garden hose at many angles with force after the repair to test it, and that was more than a year ago in Midwest US weather. No leaks to date. Better than an $800 repair. Awesome product.” – Treehorn Enterprises

    “We have had a bay window in the kitchen than has leaked for 15 years. No one (including the original home builder) has been able to figure out how to fix it. We finally narrowed it down to the stucco at the top of the bump out. There were hairline cracks that were hard to see. I liberally applied a thick coat of Through The Roof and tested the leak after a few days. It’s dry, no leak. Monsoon season this summer will be the ultimate test, but I’m 99% sure this stuff fixed it. It’s very thick and gooey, almost like molasses, but perfectly clear. It did not need any mixing, and it stinks until it dries (a day or so). Because it is so thick, it did not drip. It stayed where I applied it and is invisible when it dries. This is great stuff, I am very pleased.

    “Update: 8 months later, after quite a few heavy showers, still no leaks. Yay!” – D. Goulian, review

    “We have had a persistent, irritating roof leak for 5 years… It was located in the valley formed where a dormer roof meets a main roof section. In the roofs first year the roofer came back several times to “fix” it and the patches he spread on never lasted very long. There is a storage area inside one of the dormers interior walls and this is where the water came in and dripped through to the dining room below…We knew the leak involved the valley so decided to tackle it ourselves after three years of catching drips in pans. Hubby came home with a tube of Through the Roof sealant and filled an obvious crack in the roofer applied patch which coincided with a leak when we applied water from a hose to that area. We were hopeful! A heavy rain the next day showed no leak at first (happy dance!) but after several minutes it appeared in its usual spot but was considerably slower and less intense. We decided if the caulking version failed we’d buy a quart of Through the Roof brush on sealant and paint the entire length of the valley. We did this the next day and applied with a foam brush which went on like a dream. The quality of the product seemed superior as he applied it also. Took about 10 minutes to do a 12 foot long valley. The next four days we had heavy rains with small hail for about one hour each day and…….NOT ONE LEAK!!!!!!!!! Needless to say we are ecstatic and relieved that we can finally relax and enjoy a nice afternoon rainstorm. Thank you Sashco for a simple, low cost and effective solution for our long lived leaky roof problem.” – P. Colander, review

    Roofer by trade for 14 years and never met a leak I couldn’t fix, until it happened to my own mobile home. I have a metal roof and I’ve seal coated, tarred, caulked, and treated several suspect spots and could never get the drip to stop. Used this and it’s gone. Had to wait till now for some rain to review, but it’s storming like crazy last 2 days and not a drop. Also used on my shuttle bus where I had a few drips occasionally from a faulty termination bar, and sealed that too. – review

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•  Permanently fixes nagging leaks: Proven to last 20 times longer than asphalt. Remains elastic and water-tight year after year.
•  Do repairs today, even in a rain storm: Sticks to surfaces wet or dry, in temperatures down to 0⁰ and up to 120⁰F.
•  Repairs stick, but don’t stick out: Tenacious adhesion to a wide variety of roofing materials and won’t discolor them. Goes on crystal clear and stays clear.
•  Easy to use: Easy to apply for professional-looking results every time.
•  OK to leave in your unheated garage overnight: Through the ROOF!® won’t freeze.

CA residents only: Low VOC formula of the 1 qt. and 1 gal. brush-on grade is available and required in the state of CA.