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Seals leaks that asphalt can’t.

Stop leaks now!

For roofers and contractors who need a sealant that works in wet conditions, Through the Roof! is a co-polymer rubber elastomeric sealant that allows them to seal leaks asphalt can’t. It delivers superior bond durability and is UV-resistant, crystal clear, and paintable.

10.5oz$11.49 USD

29oz – $29.99 USD

1gal – $89.99 USD

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Features & Benefits

Superior Bond Durability More Info

Through the Roof! lasts…thanks to a combination of excellent adhesion, high elasticity, and a lot of “give.”

Humidity and Rain Proof More Info

You can be more confident in your sealant than in your weatherman. Use on a damp surface, with a rainy forecast, or even to seal active leaks.

All Weather Formula More Info

From Seattle to Phoenix, from Denver to Orlando, and from Summer to Winter. Use it anywhere with confidence that it will dry waterproof.


Sticks to Wet Surfaces More Info

Since Through the Roof! finds itself in areas that are frequently pathways for water escape, this is a feature that extends the amount of time you can do a job.

What is high performance?

We talk a lot about high performance around here, but what the heck makes a sealant or caulk high performance?

A sealant or caulk should be flexible, elastic, and adhesive. Many sealants are flexible, adhesive, or elastic. It is the combination of all three together that leads to high performance, meaning durability and longevity you can trust.

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