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Unlock the Shocking Truth About Asphalt Roofing.

It may not be on the covers of supermarket tabloids, but asphalt roofing has a shocking secret. What exactly is it? Read on!

It’s a bold claim:
Sashco’s Through the Roof!® lasts at least 20 times longer
than roof asphalt and roof cement.

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Roof asphalt is ugly and doesn't work. Roof asphalt (roof cement) is just plain ugly, and it doesn’t work.

Through the Roof! lasts 20 times longer than asphalt and looks better. Through the Roof! is crystal clear and lasts at least 20 times longer than asphalt.

The roof asphalt guys don’t really like to hear it, but laboratory tests prove it. (Read on to see what we mean.) Plus, Through the Roof!® just looks better. It’s crystal clear so your roof looks like a roof after repairs instead of a field of patches.

The lab test results left no room for argument.

In accordance with ASTM C793-05 – Laboratory Accelerated Weather on Elastomeric Joint Sealants and ASTM C1442-03 – Standard Practice for Conducting Tests on Sealants Using Artificial Weathering Apparatus. Through the Roof!®, Henry® 209 Extreme Wet Patch®, and Henry® 208R®Rubberized Wet Patch® (two popular asphalt-based roof sealants), were applied to 3” x 6” aluminum panels and exposed to the equivalent of 2,000 hours of intense UV exposure in the Xenon Arc weatherometer (a fancy machine that simulates UV exposure at accelerated rates).

The results? Well, see for yourself below.

Before exposure to over 2000 hours of UV damage:

Through the Roof vs. Roof Asphalt before UV exposure

All of the products are intact and performing as designed. No concerns yet.

After exposure to over 2000 hours of UV damage:


Wow. What a difference! Believe it or not, 2000 hours of UV exposure is what a typical roof will endure during the hottest months of April through September. In our tests, the roof cement products started showing failure after just 100 hours of exposure. (That’s a mere 14 days!) Through the Roof!® was still going strong – and staying clear.

What happens when you use an inferior roof sealant?

Roof leaks happen, that’s what. And those lead to rot, mold, drywall damage, water spots, insurance claims, headaches, and bucket lists that must be ignored. Don’t chance any of that! Get Through the Roof!® for a superior, longer-lasting seal.

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