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How Easy Is It To Seal With The COBRA™ Nozzle?

Looking for new ways to make roof repairs isn’t usually at the top of mind for a contractor. That’s where Sashco’s innovative teams come in!

CEO and staff members, Les, Sabrina, and Randy, partnered with experienced contractor and business-owner, Shane, to complete a roof repair using Through the Roof!® with the newly designed COBRALap Joint Nozzle.

Through the Roof!® is a high performance, co-polymer rubber sealant that seals leaks quickly and thoroughly, whether it’s raining, snowing, or sunny. Couple it with the COBRALap Joint Nozzle, and you have a force to be reckoned with!

Between walking over the roof, covering fasteners and sealing down fixtures, everyone involved in the project was able to experience the difficulty of navigating a roof, especially one slanted at a 45 degree angle. Maneuvering these obstacles, both teams were able to learn more about how to use the product while on site and how easy it was to apply the sealant using the nozzle.

Upon inspection, the group came upon the need to seal a plumbing pipe with a pipe boot vent. Les recalls, “Both Shane and I looked at this pipe, and we both had the same idea at the same time; we have to seal this pipe boot vent- let’s use the  COBRAnozzle.” So, together, they used the COBRAnozzle by removing the flashing, laying a thick, flat COBRA bead across the joint, and replacing the flashing to seal.

In addition to discussing the ease of use and applying the sealant, Sashco team members were also able to hear more from a contractor’s point of view, and what qualities were important to Shane when purchasing and using a product.

Shane explained, “The packaging is huge for me. I put it through the test, I left it out during a hail storm and everything. With the plastic cartridges I was able to use it right out the gate. You know, where the other competitors are in cardboard box tubes, if I would’ve left it out, I would’ve lost money.”

Packaging is just part of the bigger picture that Sashco uses to create Products That Work in the field. Sabrina weighed in, “Hearing that directly from the contractor, even though we know we’re solving a problem that they may not even think that they have… to hear it and see it in the field is very important for us to stay on our A-Game.”

Partnering and collaborating on job sites with contractors like Shane show just tidbits of the stride and effort it takes to create quality, high-performance sealants. Learning from each other and recognizing needs, benefits, or even opportunities for improvement drive growth for product development.

At Sashco, we don’t make good, better best – we make the best, period. And, part of making the best includes listening and learning from the best.