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How One Man Stopped an Active Leak from Ruining a Date with His Future Wife! 

A Lexel case study-

A Love Story.

Lexel is for lovers, and we have a story to prove it.

It’s important for the lifespan of your RVs and campers to preventively seal any potential moisture entry points before taking them out on trips. While we always recommend inspecting and locating potential entry points before your trip to the lake, sometimes you just don’t notice a leak until it is quite literally dripping on your head (or in this case, on your card game). Sashco’s Through the Roof and Lexel are heroes in this scenario. Both of these solvent-based sealants can be applied to an active leak and won’t wash away in the rain. Their superior adhesion qualities ensure that they stick the first time to your camper or RV and don’t require frequent re-application.  

This brings us to the time that we took a little trip to Iowa to visit one of our true Lexel Junkies that we stumbled upon while scanning YouTube one day.  We spent a day on Cole’s homestead where he showed us multiple scenarios in which he had used Sashco products to maintain his home and vehicles. He then told us a story about a time that he and his fiancé were on a weekend date/getaway in their camper. During the trip, they were inside playing a game of cards when the weather took a turn for the worse and a torrential downpour began. Water started seeping and dripping from the windows on their old camper. Cole, a natural storyteller, smiled and said,” I’ll never forget it. I come out here in the pouring rain and Nicole just watching from the inside of this window making fun of me”. He went on to explain that he sealed the active leak during the rainstorm- thanks to having a cartridge of Lexel in the truck.  Although he didn’t have a caulking gun handy, he grabbed a nearby stick and used it to push the plunger to get the Lexel out. Like a true hero, he saved the game of cards from becoming a soggy mess, while his fiancé chuckled and watched the fiasco in real-time from inside the camper. Cole also said that the rain actually may have helped him more easily tool the Lexel. We can’t help but wonder if Cole’s ingenuity and quick-thinking helped assure Nicole that she had chosen the right man and help seal the marriage deal (you never know, right?). The two are now happily married and Cole still has not had to re-apply the stick-applied Lexel after all these years. We think the big lesson here is to keep Lexel and a caulking gun in your camper, just in case (although Cole is living proof that where there’s a will, there’s a way).

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