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Up in Your Business: Easy Ways to Boost Your Business.

In this month’s “Up in Your Business” article, we’re sharing four tips to boost your business and your sanity.

1. Be consistent

When it comes to business, consistency is key. Once you’ve found a logo, slogan, brand, value-added services and add-ons, even selling presentations, stick with them. As the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” If you’re winning jobs with your current processes and systems, stick with them!

2. Become the industry influencer

At Zero Failures seminars and in our newsletters, we talk about positioning yourself as the expert. Leading the pack in industry groups is one of the most effective ways to do just that. Get involved in industry-related associations, social media groups, even log home neighborhood groups where you can effectively help influence and elevate the industry.

3. Be about more than profit

Your bottom line is a big deal, yes. However, in many situations, the most successful businesses are those that focus on their customers as people, not just a paycheck. Remember to stay personal. Your clients may be nervous. Assure them. They may be picky. Be patient. Remember how much their investment means to them. They may need follow-up work after the job is done. Remember that they are your referrals. A little extra TLC even after the job is done and the invoice is paid goes a long way.

4. Be proactive in slow times

Let’s face it. Nobody enjoys lean times, but sometimes they are the reality of business ownership. However, the cream of the crop – those that survive the slower times — are the proactive owners. When things slow down, take advantage of that time to aggressively and proactively look for ways to support your business. Are there certifications you can work on to add to your resume? Are there add-on services you can integrate into your business? What new forms of marketing can you put your time into to help increase customer awareness and strengthen your brand? Don’t wait for the phone to ring. Go find your future!

Our blog is packed with more business tips for pros in the know. Check it out.