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How to Restore Dull, Drab Interior Logs to Their Former Glory.

In this month’s “Here to help! ”, we’re peeking inside your log home (don’t worry, no need to clean up on our account). This month, we’ll help you understand the ins and outs of proper care and maintenance for interior logs.

We spend a lot of time talking about the importance of proper maintenance on the outside of your log home. Don’t neglect those interior walls though! Properly caring for interior log walls is equally important. Three easy steps are all it takes to keep them in beautiful condition.

1. Clear coat them

Applying a good, high-quality clear coat like Symphony to interior logs helps protect them from the natural degradation process logs experience. You can apply this over a stain, if you want, which will help prevent picture frame effect. Bare logs are going to pick up dust and get discolored by the oils in your hands. A clear coat is going to help prevent this.

2. Clean them

Interior log walls are a collection site for undesirables like dust, pet dander, grease, and grime. Every two or three months (or more often, if needed), give those interior walls a wipe down or a vacuum. Washing your walls isn’t difficult. Simply use a mixture of wood-friendly soap like Murphy’s Oil Soap and water, then wipe them thoroughly with a firm sponge. Give special care to corners, logs in the kitchen near cooking areas, and any other hidden spots dirt’s dying to cozy up in.

3. Inspect and protect them

Once a year, schedule time to do a thorough inspection of your interior log walls. As with the outside, look for things like large checks, mold, signs of rot, and worn stain. Thoroughly sand any areas that look compromised until you reach bare, sound wood. Wash and dry the area well, then apply a new coat of stain and clear coat to the affected areas. (On the interior, this shouldn’t happen much. Yay!)

Faithfully following these simple steps as part of your routine log home maintenance plan will help keep the inside of your log home looking lovely and your logs well protected.