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How to Establish Yourself as the Ultimate Log Home Expert.

Your customers depend on you. You’re the log home expert! Therefore, they want to know that they’re receiving expert advice and proper processes and products. Ready to do a better job of presenting yourself as the expert? We’ve got some easy changes you can make today to give your customer’s the peace of mind they’re looking for.

log home expert

This month, we’re providing phrases you can start using to convey your expert status. Next month, we’ll provide part two of this article with tips on how to look, write, and sound like the industry expert.

Phrase 1: “Something I’ve seen work well for our other clients is…”

This phrase communicates that you are basing your comments on your real-world experience, not just theory.

Phrase 2: “For clients like you, what we’ve seen work well is…”

Like the first phrase, but more personal. Making the job all about the client is almost always a win.

Phrase 3: “Research suggests that the best approach for this is…”

Some people actually prefer objective research, versus just your opinion. It’s also a subtle way to suggest that you keep up on relevant industry research.

Phrase 4: “We find that a best practice is…”

Most people understand the power of discussing best practices. Your client wants to hire someone who knows best practices – they don’t, that’s why they need you.

Phrase 5: “We have a method for approaching this type of situation…”

You don’t just have an answer, you have a complete methodology for solving the problem. Impressive, right? Your clients will think so too.

Phrase 6: “We would recommend x, because y”

Research shows that the word “because” is very effective in persuading somebody to do something. As an expert, take advantage of strategically using this phrase. Why? Because it works. (See how we did that?)

Phrase 7: “Let me show you something we did for another client of ours.”

Having examples ready to show your expertise is helpful. Showing a specific example of your work and talking through the great results it got increases client confidence. It helps assure them that you can do exactly what you are saying you can do.