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Maintenance Tips

What to Look for in a Log Contractor-11 Tips

Considering a little log home maintenance? Maybe a larger-scale restoration or renovation is in your future. Home improvement TV shows…


What You Need to Know about Restoring a Historic Log Home.

You’re ready to restore a historic log home? It’s exciting but requires special knowledge. Therefore, before you dive into any…

Contractor Corner

The Surprising Reason Pink Floors Changed a Log Contractors Life.

‘Experience is a master teacher, even when it is not your own’ – Gina Greenlee. That’s why we introduce you…

Interior Finishing

How to Restore Dull, Drab Interior Logs to Their Former Glory.

In this month’s “Here to help! ”, we’re peeking inside your log home (don’t worry, no need to clean up…

Maintenance Tips

The Ultimate Guide to Lurking Termite, Rot, and Water Damage.

Termite trouble, rot, and water damage. Call us crazy, but we’re betting this troublesome trio probably wasn’t part of the…

Maintenance Tips

How to Use Borate Wood Treatment for Termites.

Borate wood treatments are a big deal. In this month’s Experts Corner, our favorite Southeast Territory Manager, Paul Peebles, breaks…


Your Expert Guide to Restoring Flooded Log Homes.

Paul Peebles, our very own log home expert, talks about how to restore a flooded log home in this month’s…


Little Known Facts About The Rich History of Log Chinking.

On last week’s episode of Cabin Fever, Grizzly Bob gave us a brief history of log chinking while showing Sashco’s…