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Little Known Facts About The Rich History of Log Chinking.

On last week’s episode of Cabin Fever, Grizzly Bob gave us a brief history of log chinking while showing Sashco’s Log Jam® being applied to Crazy Mountain Brewing Company’s offices in Edwards, CO.

It got us thinking of other chinking recipes we’ve come across:

Someone used some underthings for log chinking.
Shown above. Fruit of the Loom chinking: It kept some of the cold out and was an instant conversation starter.

The recipes for old time chinking are diverse and many. But they all lacked stick-to-it-tiveness. Oh, it sticks around on the homes for a good long time, but it doesn’t stick to the sides of the logs it was designed to seal. Of course, back in the 1800’s, synthetic chinking hadn’t yet been invented. (We’re pretty sure it’d be the talk of the town if it had been.)

Sashco’s history in chinking isn’t as storied as the recipes above, but it’s a fun story nonetheless. Back in the day, when Sashco’s Acrylic Rubber Sealant was around, some genius log crafters started using it in between logs. They liked its ability to stick and stretch, thereby holding its seal (and keeping those dream log homes weather tight).

But they had one complaint: it didn’t look like chinking. It was too smooth. Thus began the formulation of Sashco’s Log Jam® Chinking. We were one of the first to market with a synthetic chinking for logs that both looked like chinking and delivered a high-performance seal.

We’re proud to say that Log Jam® is now the most popular synthetic chinking in the United States, and is becoming more popular with its use on national television, along with the rest of Sashco’s log home finishing products. Be sure to watch all new episodes of Cabin Fever on Tuesdays at 10 EST, and catch past episodes online.

And most of all, join us in being grateful for the invention of Log Jam® (and the salvation of people’s underthings the world over).