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Spoiler: Slab is the Best Fix For Ugly Concrete Cracks.

Step outside and you’re likely to see a concrete crack in less than two seconds flat. They’re in driveways, sidewalks,…

Mortar & Stucco

Sashco’s Slab vs. Mor-Flexx: Which is the Best Concrete and stucco Repair Caulk?

  It can be confusing to choose the right caulking product when they have a lot in common. Say you…

Pro Caulking Tips

The Surprising Way to Use Lexel Clear Sealant.

Sashco products have been used for many things over the years, but none quite as storied as our clear sealant,…


Concrete Crack Repair in Five Easy Steps

Are you dying to get something done around the house this weekend? Try repairing a crack in your concrete driveway,…


Cracked Concrete? Four Reasons to Repair Concrete With Slab.

Got cracks? Some concrete repair products are tough but do not stick, while others are flexible but do not last….

Product & Application Tips

Caulking Tips: 3 Reasons Why Lexel is Better Than Silicone Caulk

Are you tired of silicone caulk that just doesn’t work? So were we. It’s why Sashco invented Lexel. We finally…

Product & Application Tips

What Causes Caulk to Fail and How to Fix It.

Sealants are one of the most effective and widely used building products and the most commonly misused. Below are a…