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Caulking 101

How to Prevent Paint From Cracking Over Sealant

Why does Paint Crack when you paint over sealant? There it is. Your beautiful siding job marred by paint cracking. It’s…

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3 Proven Tips To Reduce Callbacks And Save Money.

What do six months in the field working as a warranty manager teach you? Two things, callbacks are common and…

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The Best Way To Market Yourself As A Contractor.

Most of you have more work than you can handle, so why bother marketing your business? Here are two good…

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How to Win Jobs with Pricing Transparency.

As a contractor, pricing your services is one of the most important keys to business survival…and one of the most…

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The Best Contractor Marketing Tips That Won’t Break the Bank.

Do you want to grow your contractor business with great marketing, but don’t want to break the bank? We’ve got…

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Painting Caulk: 6 Important Things You Must Know.

Finding the right caulk that checks off every box can be challenging. Painting caulk gets even more complicated. Before you…

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The Best Polymer Sealant for You | Rubber vs Silicone

  Are silicone sealants the best answer to caulk performance needs?

Exterior Projects

How to Choose the Best Exterior Caulk

As a contractor, it can be difficult to find a balance between performance and productivity. Water-based sealants are very easy…

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Choosing the Best Caulking Gun | Caulk Bead Quality & Thrust Ratio.

What’s the fuss about caulk guns? Many of us don’t give caulk guns much thought. Typically, they’re the inexpensive throw-away…

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Four Big Mistakes Small Business Owners Make.

We devote a lot of time sharing what to do to make your business more successful. This month, we’re sharing…