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Kitchen & Bath

The Best Shower Caulk To Prevent Mildew.

Renovating a bathroom comes with plenty of unique challenges. As a contractor, you know how tough it can be to…

Kitchen & Bath

The Best Caulk for Showers | Bath and Shower Sealant

Whether you’re working in new construction or finishing up a remodel on a bathroom, caulk can be a real pain….

Roof-tection Section: Roof, Gutters, and Flashing

A Surprising Way to Fix Leaky Roofs.

Roof leaks? No thanks. This month, we have a fun story courtesy of one of our resident paid geeks (aka…

Mortar & Stucco

Tips You Need to Know to Revive Your Chimney Using Mor-Flexx Caulk.

What do you get when you bring in a contractor and a manufacturer together for a project?We say: A successful…

Mortar & Stucco

Mor-Flexx Caulk Revitalizes Beautiful Historic Home.

We know renovating a home is a lot of work, especially on a home that was built in the early…

Product & Application Tips

Will My New Caulk Stick to Silicone?

No. No, your new caulk won’t stick to silicone caulk. Sorry to be so abrupt, but it’s the truth. You…

Roofs, Gutters & Flashing

Unlock the Shocking Truth About Asphalt Roofing.

It may not be on the covers of supermarket tabloids, but asphalt roofing has a shocking secret. What exactly is…

Kitchen & Bath

Lexel vs. Other Clear Sealants: How Clear Is It?

When it comes to caulks and sealants, what does “clear” usually mean? Sashco’s all-new Lexel cartridge really shows who is…

Pro Caulking Tips

Sashco Roof Sealant Makes Repairs as Simple as ABC!

When you need a roof sealant that works and is easy to use, choose Through the Roof! Does this sound…

Pro Caulking Tips

Which Sashco Caulk is Best with Window Flashing Tape?

  Flashing tape – also called self-adhered flashing – being installed (Photo courtesy