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How To Get An Exact Match With Color Match Caulk.

There are some jobs where a classic white or clear caulk just won’t cut it – you’ll need a custom color to match the surrounding material or paint color. Obvious caulk lines can look unprofessional and distract from the flow of the room.

As a contractor, you need a custom color solution that’s effective and easy to use. Here’s the easiest way to get an exact color match that will wow your clients!

Why You Need Custom Caulk Colors 

There are plenty of situations where you might need a custom caulk for a job. Say your client has chosen a unique color for their space, like a forest green, eggplant, or mustard. As chic as these colors will look, it’s going to be difficult to find a pre-made caulk that matches them. In order to avoid unsightly caulk lines and blemishes, you’ll need to create a custom color.

A common solution to this problem is to paint over the caulk with the matching paint color. However, this comes with its own unique challenges. The biggest issue is that you’ll need to wait for the caulk to cure completely before you can paint over it. Depending on what type of caulk you’re using, it can be hours or even days before it’s completely set and ready to paint. A custom-colored caulk is a better alternative that will help you get the job done quickly.

So how do you get a custom color caulk for your clients? You have a few different options, but there’s one solution that stands out.

Ordering a Custom Color Caulk

There are many companies that make caulking products in custom colors. However, we don’t recommend this solution, as it can be expensive and time-consuming. Companies that make custom caulks typically charge an extra formulation fee on top of the initial cost of the caulk. Additionally, they may have an order minimum, which would require you to buy a much larger quantity of caulk than you actually need.

On top of that, it can take several weeks or even months to get a custom caulk made. You’ll need to send in a paint or material sample to the company that they will use to formulate the final product. This process can drag out even the simplest of caulking projects. You also run the risk of getting back a custom caulk that doesn’t perfectly match your paint.

Use Sashco’s eXact Color to Get The Perfect Shade

Sashco’s eXact Color is a great alternative to ordering an expensive custom caulk. It provides the same reliable performance as our Big Stretch sealant, which is an acrylic latex caulk. However, you can mix it with any latex paint, stain, or pigment to create the exact color you need.

Mixing your paint color with the eXact Color caulk is a very simple process. You don’t need any special tools to mix it, and it’s mess-free. It takes only three minutes to mix and then you’re ready to start caulking. With eXact Color, you can match any paint color, from pastels to jewel tones to metallics and more! This means you and your clients can have fun and get creative with color choices, without having to worry about matching the caulk color.

This option can save a huge amount of time for the entire project. You don’t need to wait for a custom order to come back from the lab – you can mix it up quickly on the day of the project. It’s also easy to experiment with different colors until you get the perfect solution for your project. You also don’t have to worry about painting over the caulk – you can set it, forget it, and move onto other projects.

eXact Color is also a great option for DIYers because it’s so simple to use. It works on joints up to 2 inches wide, and is quick and easy to mix and apply. Whether you want to repair an existing joint with a custom color, or you want to switch up your home’s color palette with a new paint job, eXact Color will do the trick.

The eXact Color formula also provides all of the same great performance that you would expect from Sashco’s Big Stretch sealant. It works well for both interior and exterior projects, as it is both UV and water-resistant. It’s also both highly adhesive and highly elastic, which means that it moves with your home without tearing or cracking. With eXact Color, you won’t have to sacrifice performance to get the caulking that you need.

Final Thoughts

A custom color caulk gives that seamless look and feel to your projects. Creating a custom shade of caulking doesn’t have to be difficult. Sashco’s eXact Color makes it easy to create your own formula with paint in just a few minutes. Try eXact Color for your next project and see what a difference a customized color can make.