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Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Right Wood Stain Colors Every Time.

  What affects color? Folks are passionate about getting the perfect color on their home. It can be a challenge…


What You Need to Know Before Staining Your Log Home.

Prep Time So now it’s time to prepare your wood for staining. Substrate preparation is the most critical step in…


Why It’s Important To Remove Wood Fuzz After Media Blasting.

What is secondary prep? After you’ve gotten down to clean sound wood it’s time to clean up and remove wood…

Contractors Who Care

Stoney Ridge’s Expert Tips for Your Dream Log Home.

Every month we feature a log home contractor, business, or success story. Up this month: David Lynch with Stoney Ridge…

Contractors Who Care

There’s a Doctor in the House: Hear the “Weird” Story of The Log Doctor.

Today, we’re proud to introduce you to the Log Doctor, Rudy Mendiola, Chief of Staff at The Log Doctor  in…


How to Pick the Perfect Log Home Stain: A Step-by-Step Guide.

In today’s “Here to Help!”, we’re talking about what log home stain and marriage have in common.

Contractors Who Care

Nelson Log Restoration: Valuable Lessons From a Log Home Veteran.

We’re proud to introduce you to Mark Nelson, founder of Nelson Log Restoration in Cody, Wyoming. Mark has been working…


Find Out How Much Stain You Need With a Free Stain Calculator.

Before you know it, spring will be here! If your logs could use a little spring spruce up, or your…

Seal & Chink

Do You Need To Seal Checks On Your Log Home?

To seal or not to seal? That is the question! In this month’s “Here to Help!”, we’re sharing our best…

Contractors Who Care

Count on Dovetail Log Home Services for Expert Service.

This month we’re pleased to introduce you to Larry Hogshead, owner of Dovetail Log Home Services in Nashville, Tennessee. This…

Dovetail Log Home Services