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The Easy Way to Make Custom Chink Paint with Log Jam.

It’s easy to make your own Log Jam® chink paint on site. And since mixing your own costs 1/3 less than buying premixed chink paint, it’s the money-smart choice. Simply follow the instructions below, then apply over any water-based chinking.


Be sure that all chink lines are clean and dry, and free of waxes, mold, mildew, dust, pollen, and other contaminants.

Mixing Instructions

Large Volume (Yield: approximately 5 gallons mixed)
  1. Remove and set aside 1 gallon of chinking from a 5 gallon pail.
  2. Add one gallon of distilled water back into the pail.
  3. Using a high viscosity mixing blade (available at most hardware or paint stores), thoroughly mix the water and chinking.
  4. Add additional water or chinking (in small increments) to “dial in” your preferred viscosity.
Small Volume (Yield: approximately 1 quart mixed)
  1. Gun out entire contents of one 30 oz. cartridge of chinking into any large plastic container (such as a clean 1 gallon ice cream bucket).
  2. Add in 8 oz. of distilled water. Using a mixing blade or a typical kitchen handheld mixer, thoroughly mix the water and chinking.
  3. Add additional water or chinking (in small increments) to “dial in” your preferred viscosity.

Application Instructions:

  1. Using a foam paint brush, paint pad or trowel (whichever you prefer), apply the chink paint and smooth onto the chink line.
  2. Clean off any drips or runs immediately so they don’t dry on the wood and stain it.
  3. Allow to thoroughly dry. Cover exterior walls if rainfall is expected within 24 hours after application.

Coverage Rates:

Joint Width 3/4″ 1″ 1–1 1/2″ 2″ 3″
Lineal Feet per 1 Gallon 1760 1320 880 660 440