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Backer Materials that Seal Things Right the First Time.

Backer Rod, Grip Strip, and Log Gap Cap all help you create the ideal joint design for a long-lasting, durable seal.

Closed-Cell Round Backer Rod is the product you need prior to chinking or caulking your log home. It not only acts as insulation but repels moisture, too. The closed-Cell Round Backer rod also serves as a bond-breaker between two logs and provides a structure against which you can apply chinking and caulk more uniformly in order to achieve an ideal joint.

Grip Strip is a closed-cell trapezoid-shaped product that, under normal use will not cause blisters in chinking material. The unique design provides an excellent fit with a flat surface within chink joint, resulting in saving on chinking. Can be used on exterior or interior surfaces.

Sealants and chinking do not adhere to the backer rod – only to the log surfaces of the joint – allowing for movement without damaging the sealing material.

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This is Why You Should Use These Tools

Creates ideal joint design More Info

Backer materials ensure that all-important two-point adhesion so the sealant stretches and compresses correctly over time

Use less chinking and caulking More Info

Fills in the joint so you use less materials and save money

Water-tight More Info

Closed cell so that, even if a random tear shows up, moisture will not soak into the backer material and fester and rot.

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Backer Rod

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