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How to Stain Wood | Wood Staining Tips.

Want our top wood staining tips to make sure your home’s stain is applied correctly? You got it! In this month’s “Here to Help!,” enjoy tips that will have you staining like the pros!

Oh! Hey there, spring! You snuck up on us!

It’s true, spring is officially here and there’s no better time to refinish, or just refresh, your log home’s stain. Before you do, take a minute to read our top tips so you’re ready to stain like the pros!

Prepping Principles

Prep, prep, prep! We say it ad nauseum, yes. It’s because we care. The importance of proper prep just can’t be overemphasized. Taking time to properly prep your logs makes the difference between staining for success and staining again next spring. Before staining, use a media blaster or power washer to get rid of all peeling stain, gray wood, dust, pollen, mold, bird poo, etc. You want the surface to be as close to original wood as possible. Allow the surface to thoroughly dry before staining.

Use a heavy hand!

When you apply the stain, use a heavy hand. We mean drench it. Don’t skimp. Apply the stain heavily! We can’t say it enough — the more stain you can get on the surface, the better.

Brush, brush, brush!

As soon as you’ve applied a heavy coat of stain, immediately back-brush the stain into the logs. Use a long-handled paint brush to really push the stain into the wood. A bit laborious? Yes. Worth the effort? Absolutely! You want the stain to really penetrate deep in the wood fibers (plus, you can count the calories on your FitBit® workout, bonus!).

If you use Sashco’s new Colorfast™, the back-brushing won’t be as vigorous and the stain over top won’t be applied as heavily. Perhaps your FitBit® could use a bit of a break. Learn more about Colorfast™ here.

Round Two!

Time to repeat the process (remember, you want the stain to last, and you’re doing it like a pro). After the first coat is completely dry, apply a second coat of stain, brushing just lightly this time to even things out. Two coats are best for longevity, protection, even color, and an overall awesome looking log or wood home.

Let’s be clear.

If you chose Capture® Log Stain, now is the time to apply the Cascade® clear coat. Apply it once the stain itself is dry. Simply brush out runs for a perfectly smooth finish. Don’t over-brush Cascade or you’ll get foaming. Yuck! A light touch is all it takes.

There you have it! You’ve got the basic steps to stain like a pro for a finish that will provide enduring beauty and protection.