Clear Exterior Top Coat

Clear finishing top coat for use over top of Sashco’s Capture® log home stain

Cascade® Clear Top Coat

Cascade Clear Top Coat benefits include:

  • Maintenance made easy: Skip the arduous work of completely removing your stain when it needs refreshing. Simply clean the wood surface, apply Cascade Clear Top Coat to bring back that just-stained look, and get back to life.
  • Easy water clean-up: Skin, earth, and nose friendly is always a plus. No harsh chemicals required.
  • Easy to know when: If the surface has lost its sheen, it’s time for maintenance. No second-guessing necessary. It’s the easiest way to keep your log home looking like the day it was finished.
  • Won’t discolor chinking: Cascade Clear Top Coat is clear, so routine maintenance applications won’t affect the color of your log home chinking or other sealants.
  • Repels water: Keeps your logs in tip-top shape and your rot concerns at bay.
  • Resists mildew & algae: Ensures that unsightly growths stay where they belong – in a lab, not on your logs.
  • Protects against UV damage: Cascade protects Capture Log Stain from major color shifts to maintain that just-stained look.

Cascade Clear Top Coat is specially designed for use over top of Capture® Log Stain.

Download Informational PDFs:

Available Sizes: 1 Gallon & 5 Gallon Pails

Available Colors: Matte & Semi-Gloss

CAP matte vs. semi-gloss

Left: Cascade® Matte   Right: Cascade® Semi-Gloss
Log stained with Capture® Log Stain in Mahogany

Why is Capture® Log Stain and Cascade® Clear Top Coat the best stain system for your log home?

What if you could see how your log home stain would perform before you ever applied it?

Now you can. Sashco put Capture® Log Stain and Cascade® Clear Top Coat to the test in side-by-side comparisons with a variety of competitive stains. Download the full report to see who came out on top.

Sashco Capture vs Cabot panel

Product Overview

Capture the Moment: Real People. Real Stories.

You’ve applied Capture® Log Stain and your log home is now the perfect color – the one you always dreamed of. Now it’s time to apply Cascade® Clear Top Coat to help keep your log home in picture-perfect shape for years to come. Cascade’s sheen brings out the depth and character of the wood grain while minimizing color shifts in the Capture® Log Stain. Its easy-to-apply water-based formula makes routine maintenance simple and headache-free, so you get to spend more time enjoying log your home, not working on it.


Gary, Big Bear, CA

Our log cabin truly is a work of art, like a painting, and the paints we used on our easel were from Sashco. After four years, we just had our first maintenance application of Cascade. Only having to apply the clear-coat of Cascade was a money saver and made the cabin’s wood ‘pop’ again.

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