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What Your Business Can Gain From Investing in Professional Graphics.

Humans. We are visual people! That’s why images grab our attention! Why is this important to your business? We are bombarded with images, especially online. But, do we remember them? Did they catch our attention in a way that caused us to remember what they represented, what business they advertised, or what the message was behind them? Great graphics can be a powerful way to capture your audience’s attention and remember your message if  they stand out! We’re giving you our top five tips on how to do that effectively.

1. Color

Choose colorful images. Color is a powerful way to convey mood, and even help strengthen your brand. Use editing tools to enhance graphics and photos to create beautiful color that stands out and grabs your audiences’ attention (in a good way)! No, this doesn’t mean photoshopping in something ridiculous or, even worse, not real. It does mean taking photos of homes you’ve done when the landscaping is at its best and make sure the sun doesn’t wash out the photo. Find ads that attract (not accost) your eye and take notice of the colors they use.

2. Text

Ever heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words? It’s true! When you use great photography and graphics, resist the urge to add too much text to it. A short explanation or caption is usually all you need.

3. Quality

Great looking graphics enhance your marketing and influence how people perceive your business. Yes, we humans can be shallow, but in so many cases, our first impressions are based on the cover of a brochure or a website homepage. So, make them good with great imagery. Choose your graphics and photo carefully. A quick google search will produce studies that show how using low-quality photos, images, and graphics immediately reduces consumer confidence in your business. Invest in some professional photography at least once a year. If you’re taking your own photos, make sure they’re high-resolution (300 ppi) so they look crisp, concise, and make sense to your audience. Looking for good stock photography and graphics to use? Check out this list of sites that offer amazing, free stock photos.

4. Know Your Goal

Before you post images, ask yourself, “How is this helpful to my audience or why is it beneficial to my business?” Remember, quality always trumps quantity! Don’t post or share pictures just to fill space. When choosing and using graphics, ask yourself a few questions about your goals including:

5. Consistency

If your social media content, postcards, brochures, etc. look and feel connected, your audience will form a clear understanding of your company and how it’s unique. However, if your content seems sporadic and random, the audience may feel confused. Consistency in your images can be as simple as using cohesive color schemes, inserting your logo in photos (insert them in the same place every time), or sticking to a “tone” in your messaging. The key is to keep it simple to understand, nice to look at, and something your audience will remember (again, in a good way!).