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Six Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Log Home Looking Like New.

All homes require maintenance at some point in their life cycle. Just like conventional stick-built homes need to be scraped and repainted, log and timber homes (the same is true for decks and fences, for that matter) need to be re-stained periodically. Like fresh paint on conventional homes, stains, and regular maintenance help protect log and timber homes. In the end, proper, consistent maintenance will save you time, money, and headaches. It’s like the saying goes: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We’ve got you covered. These six maintenance tips will keep your log home looking like new!

Checks & Cracks Maintenance

Checks and cracks may appear as your home loses moisture. These will be more prevalent in the first few years of a new home. They will decrease as the home ages and achieves moisture equilibrium. Additionally, previously caulked cracks and checks can open even more. For cracks or checks 14% wide or larger, use elastic caulk explicitly made for log and wood homes. You should inspect all of them and re-caulk the checks and cracks as necessary.

Is it time for a Thermography Survey?

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If you feel drafts or notice moisture in your home but cannot pinpoint its source, a thermographic survey may be the perfect solution. Thermography professionals can help you find the entry points where air and moisture come in so you can seal them properly. By improving the energy efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system, you can reduce your heating and air conditioning bills and make your home more comfortable. Give Sashco a call. We can direct you to a professional contractor who can perform this work.

Restoring Hope

Old wood homes can usually be salvaged. Often, good, sound wood lies beneath a grayed, deteriorated surface and can be restored to its original beauty. We strive to help you get off to a great start from the start, so that your home lasts and looks great forever.

Maintaining the Dream

The importance of ongoing maintenance of wood homes is often overlooked, but it is a crucial and worthwhile step that results in cost savings (and fewer headaches) over time. For example, regular inspection is necessary to detect small signs of damage, such as the presence of wood rot or insect infestation, which can be treated quickly before they become major problems.

Routine Inspections

Doing preventative maintenance on your home every spring and fall is good practice. When you do your checks, take these tools with you:

Download Sashco’s handy Log Home Inspection Guide from our website. The pamphlet outlines several maintenance concerns to keep an eye on. Once you see any problems, write them down on the sketch or checklist, then decide what maintenance is needed. If you’re not the DIY type, click here to locate a contractor who specialize in log and wood home care.

Stain Maintenance

The sun-exposed sides of your home (usually the south and west walls) will require more frequent maintenance than other parts of the home. You also want to keep an eye on large checks. Wood should be very dry before caulking and staining. As a result, the stain will penetrate the openings more effectively, and the caulk will adhere and help maintain a tight seal, resulting in maximum protection and less maintenance afterward.

The good news is that many stains can be spot prepped and stained if they are still in decent shape (meaning no peeling, flaking, or fading). If your home needs more love but doesn’t require a complete refinish, you may only need to reapply the clear top coat.

When maintaining your stain, be sure to clean the surfaces first. Preparation is imperative before staining to get the most out of your stain. Most manufacturers include stain maintenance instructions in their literature. Need help navigating the process? Call us. We’re happy to help.

Want More?

Download Sashco’s Keeping the Dream Alive Guide: A Complete Guide to Log and Wood Home Finishing and Maintenance