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Soft Cell Backer Rod with Water-Resistant Skin.

Pre-caulking Filler Rope is a 3/8-Inch by 20-foot soft-cell backer rod with water-resistant skin (unlike an open-cell backer rod). It repels water to help protect the joint from damage. Soft and pliable so it fits into the joint easily. Fills the joint so you use less caulk, and it’s fully compatible with all substrates and Sashco sealants.

3/8″ x 20′$7.49 USD

5/8″ x 20′ – $7.99 USD

1-1/8″ x 10′ – $9.99 USD

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This is Why You Should Use Filler Rope

Compress to fit cracks and joints More Info

Water-resistant More Info

Saves money by using less caulk More Info

Compatible with all substrates & sealants More Info

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