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How to Prevent Rot on Log Railings.

Outdoor hand rails and spindles, especially those not protected by overhangs, require specialized and more frequent care because of their extreme exposure to weather. A few easy tips are all it take to to prevent rot on log railings.

Typical log spindles and handrails are particularly vulnerable to rot and decay because they are often built and assembled with non-draining holes that easily and quickly accumulate water or melting snow that just sits for days, weeks, and sometimes months. This creates the perfect conditions for rot (Boo). If this sounds familiar, try this quick hack that will save you money and time down the road:
Drilling these weep holes gives the water an escape route that doesn’t include the interior of the wood. Score!
As for staining and maintenance of this wood, the same prep and application methods used on your log home should be used on the railings, but expect more frequent (read: Every two years) maintenance.
Get out those power tools and get drilling!