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Signs Your Log Home Desperately Need a New Clear Coat.

You’ve been livin’ the log home dream, enjoying your log cabin getaway, and definitely not thinking much about maintaining your log home stain. Then, a couple years in, you notice that the Capture® and Cascade® you used to stain your log home has lost a bit of its original lustre. Besides lost lustre, what else should you look for?

#1 Loss of sheen

Cascade® has a satiny sheen to it when it’s still in good shape. It erodes over time due to weathering. Look at it in the sun, or take a flash light to it. You’ll notice a more flat appearance where Cascade® has worn off.

Seeing flat? Apply more Cascade in those areas. Cascade has a satin sheen when first applied. Looking flat? Time for more! (Photo courtesy of

#2 Color Shifts in Capture® Log Stain
Does the Capture® look darker than it did originally? Perhaps there’s some fading going on where it’s exposed to sun. Both are signs that Cascade® (and the UV filters in it) have worn off and need to be replenished. If the discoloration is significant, it may be time for a bit more Capture®, too.

#3 Water Not Shedding
Break out the hose or a spray bottle. Is water still running down the logs? It should sheet off the wood, not bead up. Any place where water isn’t sheeting well needs some more Cascade®.

#4 Dirt, pollen, bird poo, etc.

Surface contaminants will, over time, eat away at the integrity of your stain. If you can see these contaminants, it’s at least time for a wash down and possibly time for more Cascade®, too.

#5 New micro checks and cracks in the wood
Have any new micro checks (the tiny cracks in the face of the logs themselves) appeared? If so, those are unprotected by stain and need to be treated! Left unprotected, they’ll allow in moisture that can compromise the integrity of the stain, not to mention invite rot. Make sure new micro checks are filled with Cascade®. (OH – and be sure any crack that’s 1/4″ wide or larger on the upper curve of the log is caulked with Conceal® or Log Builder®, not just stained.)
Fill new micro checks with Capture and Cascade
 New micro checks should be filled with Capture and Cascade to protect them from moisture.

The best part: only apply more Cascade® where needed, when needed. It’s likely that the north and east sides of the home can be skipped the first time you maintain the south and west sides. They don’t get the same UV exposure so won’t need care as soon. Anywhere that’s protected by an eave, overhang or porch will likely require less maintenance over time, too. Cascade® dries clear, so there’s no need to re-coat the whole darn house every time. (We’re all about saving the weekends for fun and relaxation, too.)

So, now that you’ve determined what needs to be done, get to it! Read up here on how to inspect your log cabin.

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