Maintain My Log Home

Keeping your log home beautiful and protected matters. It means being diligent with semi-annual maintenance inspections and keeping up with routine reapplication of stains or clear coats where needed, when needed.

With the right tools and a “git ‘er done!” attitude, a couple weekends a year should do the trick. Much like getting routine oil changes on your car, the couple of weekends you dedicate to routine maintenance will mean the difference between a few days (and fewer dollars) and an expensive headache. So sit back, plan your maintenance, and get on with life.

Before You Start – Get Educated

  • Keeping the Dream Alive
    Dowload Sashco’s complete guide to log home finishing and maintenance. It will arm you with the knowledge you need to get things done right the first time.
  • Inspection Guide
    This handy checklist is a great tool to take with you as you do your regular maintenance checks. (Don’t forget something to write with!)
  • How To Videos
    Watch helpful product application videos. Even if you’re not doing the work yourself, you’ll know what to watch for. Besides, it makes for good conversation with your contractors.
  • How To’s
    Read up on individual tasks, like caulking, stain maintenance, and more.
    How To Stain My Log Home
    How To Caulk My Log Home

Products You’ll Need Along the Way

Step 1 – Prep

CPR Log Cleaner and Brightener

Oxygenated bleach wood and log cleaner and brightener

Finish Sanding

For easy and fast finish sanding after power washing and media blasting


Media Blasting

Sashco has all the equipment you need to media blast your log or wood home to prepare it for the perfect staining job.

Step 2 – Preserve


Spray-on water-based borate log home preservative

Cobra™ Rods

Copper and borate wood preservative rods

Step 3 – Stain


Clear finishing top coat for use over top of Sashco’s Capture® log home stain

Capture® Log Stain

Water-based elastomeric log home finish and stain

Transformation Stain® Siding and Trim

Oil-in-water hybrid wood siding stain that’s easy to maintain

Transformation Stain® Log and Timber

Oil-based log and cabin stain


Water-based clear interior wood finish

Stay Clean Mildewcide Additive

Prevents surface mildew growth between maintenance coats.

Step 4 – Chink & Seal


Water-based acrylic latex textured wood caulk

Log Builder®

Water-based caulk for log home repair and sealing

Log Jam®

When other chinking pulls away, Log Jam keeps its seal.

Caulking and Chinking Tools and Accessories

Chinking and caulking doesn’t start and finish with just a tube of goop. It’s why we offer all the accessories and tools you need to do the job right the first time.

Step 5 – Enjoy!

Inspiration Gallery

See Sashco’s log home products on real homes and get inspired.