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The Unexpected Way to Fix Roof Leaks.

Roof leaks? No thanks. This month, we have a fun story courtesy of one of our resident paid geeks (aka Senior Chemist) Jim Barnes about an unconventional roof leak fix, along with a shameless plug for our Through the Roof! roof and gutter sealant, just in time for fall and winter storms to hit.

“Way back, we had a retailer tell us that he was in a pinch,” Jim told us. “Out of desperation, he did a lousy repair using Through the Roof! and a piece of yellow legal pad paper. He patched a literal hole in his store roof during a rainstorm. Of course, he figured he’d have to redo it properly when the weather cleared. He forgot all about it, then ten years later, he’s up on the roof and sees the spot. It was still holding strong. Because we like to geek out at Sashco, I had some fun making a display in the lab that commemorates this story. It has held water continuously for about 8 years now.”

While we don’t recommend repairing your leaks with notebook paper, we do know you can depend on Through the Roof! to stop leaks in their tracks. It sticks to wet surfaces and holds strong until you can get to that real repair (even if you forget about it for a few years). Learn more about Through the Roof! today.