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Discover Why WoodTeks is One of the Best in Log Home finishing.

Every month we feature a contractor, business, or success story. Learning from others in the biz is the best kind of learning. This month, discover why WoodTeks is one of the best in log home finishing.

Meet Jason Benge with WoodTeks, LLC out of Jonesville, NC. Summer busy-ness is in full swing, so we’re grateful for the time that Jason with WoodTeks, LLC spent with us, sharing more about his business in North Carolina.

WoodTek Log Finishing Project

How’d you get started in the log home finishing business?

I actually started out in the pressure washing business. I restored a lot of decks. That eventually opened up opportunities to power wash homes, too. I love the beauty of wood and I love making things that look old and worn look new again. I caught the log home fever and it just took over. (Sashco side note: we caught that same fever many years ago. Seems highly contagious.)

How big is your crew now?

I have 5 guys working now. I’m grateful for them. It’s hard to find guys who are willing to do hard work, will be dependable, and take pride in their work the same as I do.

What do you love most about log home refinishing?

I love people. I love helping people. I just so happen to make a living by it. That’s where my heart is. I love helping them get on the right track to enjoy their home and their retirement. Giving them peace of mind is invaluable. I like to share the hope that they don’t have to paint their log home.

What do you dislike most about log home refinishing?

The weather! It’s hard being subject to the weather. Especially working in the mountains, it’s just so unpredictable. It’s also hard to find good crew members.

What’s the most unique thing you’ve found on a job?

We went to do some log replacement on this one house. When we peeled back what was on the surface, we found a pair of paints in the rotted wood. Don’t worry, though. There was no body there, so we’re pretty sure it was just the pants.

What’s the future hold for your business?

I like the size and volume of business I have now. I want to keep it a size where I can be more personal, both with the customer and my guys. The size I am now allows me more freedom to keep the quality of work high, while still making money to provide for my family and pay my guys. It’s not about making a bunch of money, but having pride in what I do.

Jason, thanks for sharing a bit about your business. Feel free to look Jason up and pick his brain!

Jason Benge
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