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Reasons Why UV-Protected Wood Stains Are Important for Log Homes.

Most people understand the importance of applying good skin care products that include sunscreen to help minimize sun damage, reduce skin discoloration, and keep skin protected and moisturized. Do you know that applying a UV-protected wood stain or maintenance coat of stain on your home does the same. Here’s an easy comparison for you to follow:

Sunscreen does this for your skin Stain maintenance does this for your log home
Apply it every so often to keep your skin sunburn-free and moisturized Apply it every so often to keep your logs
sunburn-free and protected against
moisture infiltration
Apply it once, forget, and then get a sunburn =
painful peeling, blistering, and possibly skin cancer (oh my!)
Apply it once, then forget about it for a few years = unsightly stain peeling, moisture infiltration, and possibly rot (oh my!)
Apply it where needed, when needed. Long sleeves on? Don’t need sunscreen under that. Apply it where needed, when needed. Walls protected by porches? Won’t need to do a maintenance coat there very often.
Skin looking dry and tired? Probably time for some more sunscreen and moisturizer. Walls lost their luster and looking dry and tired? Time for another maintenance coat of stain.

While we’ve drawn a pretty good comparison between sunscreen and stain maintenance, fortunately for your face there’s one distinguishing difference: it won’t rot. (Eww. Sounds gross. But it’s true.) With time, your log home is at risk for rot, mildew, and algae. Makes wrinkles sound better now, doesn’t it? Using a high-quality stain (ahem…like Sashco’s Capture or Transformation Log and Timber…shameless plug) from the start and keeping up on routine maintenance repels water to keep your logs in tip-top shape and concern about rot at bay. It also resists mildew and algae to ensure that unsightly growths stay where they belong — in a lab, not on your logs.

While it may not be the billion-dollar industry skin care products enjoy, it is clear why keeping up on routine maintenance helps keep your logs looking lovely. With Sashco’s stain, routine maintenance is fairly simple. When maintaining Capture log stain, apply more Cascade clear coat. With Transformation Log & Timber, apply Transformation Gold Tone Light.*

Now, go forth and stay sunburn-free!

*Use Gold Tone Light over all colors except Natural and Brown Tone Light. With those two colors, use more of the same color.