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The Last Home Of Davy Crockett Now Restored.

The Little Rock Eagle Scouts and Sashco proudly restored the last home of Davy Crockett.

In addition to being a historical legend, pioneer, politician, and American hero, the very name Davy Crockett evokes a timeless image of America’s history. For years, Davy Crockett and his fellow frontiersman have contributed to our past and inspired a playtime parody for young boys.

This reconstructed cabin is located in Rutherford, Tennessee. Davy Crockett built the home on a farm close to the Alamo and died there after being defeated for reelection as a congressman.

This cabin is now a memorial to him and a frontier museum. Davy Crockett’s mother is also buried behind the cabin. If you look inside, you will see original artifacts that have been preserved and many original logs from the 1820s.

Despite its age, the cabin was in good condition but needed to be maintained to preserve it for future generations. His fellow men held Davy Crockett in high esteem for being a man of integrity and an upstanding citizen. We are proud of our involvement in protecting this historic site and continuing Davy Crockett’s history and legend.

The cabin is located at 219 N. Trenton St. (Old Highway 45 West) in Rutherford, Tennessee 38369. Map


For more information about Davy Crockett, please see the entry entitled ‘Davy Crockett‘ on Wikipedia.