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Hey there, sealant and caulk enthusiasts! We’ve got some exciting news to share with you. We recently held an Open House event that marked the beginning of a new era for Sashco. And let us tell you, it was a doozy!

The event was held at our new headquarters in Thornton, Colorado, and was attended by customers, partners, and team members alike. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and anticipation for what was to come. And boy, did we deliver!

The Open House event featured presentations from Sashco’s leadership team, including the CEO Les Burch, who outlined the company’s vision for the future. And let us just say, it was an impressive vision indeed. “Our goal is to provide our customers with a better way,” Burch said. “We want to innovate and create products that solve their most challenging problems and exceed their expectations.”

We couldn’t agree more. And speaking of innovation, Sashco’s state-of-the-art research and development lab was open for tours during the event. Attendees got an inside look at the company’s product development process and the cutting-edge technology and experienced chemists and engineers that make it all happen.

But Sashco didn’t stop there. Interactive exhibits were set up for attendees to learn more about Sashco’s products and services.

The event was a success, and attendees left feeling inspired and excited about Sashco’s future. “The Open House event was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Sashco and its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction,” said one attendee. “I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this company.”

And we couldn’t agree more. With its commitment to growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Sashco is poised for continued success and is sure to delight its customers with a better way. We can’t wait to see what Sashco has in store for us next.

Support high school students and building industry leaders who are working together to help solve the trades crisis.

It’s a new time!

The past decade brought extraordinary change to our country. An unprecedented shortage of skilled workers that’s resulted in a trade crisis is undoubtedly one of the most significant. While supply chain challenges and raw materials shortages left their mark, a lack of human resources is perhaps the most critical impacting our country. The need for people is particularly evident in skilled trades. Recent 2022 data shows there are a whopping 650,000 open construction jobs. 

With so much opportunity and a generation of graduates reexamining traditional educational paths and corporate avenues, it begs the question, what’s keeping young people from pursuing skilled trades?

A recent article from Tech Education Magazine describes how “Stanley Black & Decker spoke to high schoolers, their parents, and professionals to learn more about the perceptions of trade careers. The data revealed key drivers of the skilled trades gap:

  • Misunderstanding of long-term financial security
  • Incorrect knowledge of required skills
  • Lack of exposure to those in trade skills careers
  • Observation of trades as a “male-dominated” industry

The survey results reveal a lack of education about the trades – in fact, less than half of young people have ever had a conversation about skilled trades careers with someone working in the trades. The findings uncover an important opportunity to close the perception gap and, hopefully over time, the trade skills gap as well.”

Students of Taylorville High School Building Trades Program in Taylorville, IL framing out the floor of the house they're building during this course.

What’s Being Done?

A high school program in Taylorville, Illinois, is taking full advantage of that opportunity. The high school’s Build, Learn, Teach program aims to put trades in schools, teach high-performance building science and create hands-on experiences that give high school students the foundation for a career in skilled trades ranging from HVAC and plumbing to carpentry and building codes. While the program has existed since the 1960s, it has recently gained massive with the help of Building Trades Instructor Matt Blomquist.

Students showing a commitment to character and academics enjoy an opportunity to spend three hours per day on job sites outside of the traditional classroom environment. Matt explained, “Sometimes shop classes get a fluffy reputation. It doesn’t take long for these kids to realize that the work is often hard. It’s muddy. It’s cold. It’s hot. It’s not easy. They must learn that sometimes you do uncomfortable things before you see the reward or the ‘fun’ part.” 

How to Help!

Students from the Taylorville High School Building Trades Program adding siding to the house they're building as part of this course.

Despite earning a more rigorous reputation, the program is growing hand over fist. The Build, Learn, Teach program continues to gain momentum with students. It’s also caught the attention of industry leaders and organizations, like Sashco, who want to help champion the cause. “We’re so excited about this innovative and cool program not only because it gives students a hands-on opportunity to try out every aspect of a residential build, but it also propels the industry as a whole by helping to teach good, solid, building science that will benefits generations ahead of us,” said one Sashco team member. 

The #SkipLunchChallenge is one example of how Sashco and others in the building industry have partnered philanthropically with Build, Learn, Teach to help further the program’s mission. The idea behind the #SkipLunchChallenge is to simply skip lunch out for one day and instead directly donate those funds to support an organization like Build, Learn, Teach. To learn more or to contribute to the Build, Learn, Teach initiative, visit our webpage at

Do you know of an exceptional program helping to grow the skilled trade or construction industry? Nominate them for our next #SkipLunchChallenge here or on our Facebook or Instagram page. 


Our #SkipLunchChallenge helps raise money for trade education programs by challenging you to donate your lunch money instead of going out. Trade experts Matt Blomquist, Travis Brungardt, and Jake Bruton are collaborating to identify organizations for us to spotlight.

Are you wondering what the secret is to running a successful family business? Here’s everything you need to know!

It is challenging running a family business successfully. After 84 years in business, the Sashco family knows what it takes to succeed!

Here’s what Les Burch said when we asked him, “Les, if you could only give one piece of advice to someone running a family business, what would it be?”

What We’ve Done Well.

We have made mistakes over the years for sure, but we have done at least one thing right and it was intentional. You should never hire family members should solely because they are family. This is the one of the most common mistakes family businesses make. It’s a natural mistake because inherent in the concept of ‘family business’ is the fact that several family members work in the business, through many generations.

Nothing can hold a family business back more than a family member, especially in a key position, who is not suited well for their job. They cause discouragement among other employees and sometimes the loss of good ones.

Running a family business nearly a decade. Original Sashco Family

The original Sashco family.

Give “The Speech.”

Before you ever hire your first family member, set clear ground rules. Here’s the speech — “Because you are family, we’d love to have you work here, but we aren’t pressuring you to do so. We will only hire you if you fit the job. Like anyone else, you must have the talent and skills needed to fulfill the position. You will go through our formal interview and decision process. If you get this job, you will know we would hire you even if you weren’t a family member. We won’t put you in a position just because you are family and rob you of knowing you are a respected contributor to our team.

You will receive our regular market wage and start at a scale commensurate with your experience and performance. And, you will be on the same bonus and incentive programs as our other company members. Because you may also be a part-owner of this company, we want you to understand that ownership and job duties are separate concepts with distinct reasons for income.

Owners get distributions, and employees get wages — don’t confuse them. If you are an owner and we declare a distribution, you will get that whether you are employed here or not. If you get a distribution and are also an employee, it won’t subtract anything from your regular wages or bonus.”

The crucial “Bs.”

Family businesses are often put in a bind because family members expect to get awarded positions and income just because they are family. Doing this hurts the enterprise and, ultimately, all the family members. With missed opportunities and when profits decline, the business suffers.

Be fair, be intentional, be a business at work and a family at home. This advice will help protect your business and your relationships.

Would you like to learn more about us? Check out What’s Up With Sashco?.

Our spotlight today is on the President of Sashco, Les Burch. Les took over as president a few years ago (ahem…in 1973) and remains at the helm to this day.

Sashco President, Les Burch.


These ten tips will help you hire employees that are keepers.

how to hire employees

For any business owner, reaching the point of business growth that results in a need to hire employees is an exciting and exhilarating time, yet also terrifying and risky. Finding just the right people to help grow your business is an arduous task. What’s more, once you find them, you want to keep them! In today’s “Up in Your Business,” check out our top tips to take care of your tribe, increase employee retention and satisfaction, and reduce the headache of constant employee turnover. (more…)

Wayne Summons, Sashco’s Vice President of Research and Development and Technical Director,
retired on July 14, 2016 after 40 years of service.

Lexel Cartridges and Squeeze Tubes - Clear and White Caulk
Wayne invented Sashco’s flagship product, Lexel.

Inventor Extraordinaire

While Lexel® is perhaps Wayne’s most popular invention, his passion for innovation led him to create many more products throughout his years at Sashco (and he will no doubt continue his inventing ways during retirement). Wayne had a direct hand in or heavily influenced every other product sold by Sashco. He holds numerous U.S. and foreign patents.

Walking the Walk

Wayne began his career at Sashco in 1976. Just a few years out of college, he was recruited to be Sales Manager by Les Burch, Sashco’s president and Wayne’s college roommate. Wayne eventually found a home in his favorite part of the company, Research and Development. His passion for invention and developing new, unique products was contagious. Throughout the next 40 years, he helped build a culture of continuous improvement. “Products That Work” wasn’t just a tagline to a company logo. It’s what Wayne lived and breathed.

A Persistent Learner

Wayne in the old Sashco lab Wayne in the old Sashco lab

Around the building, Wayne was known for his love of vocabulary. (At times, grandiloquent. Always comme il faut.) He was a consummate learner and always shared his new-found knowledge with others. It wasn’t uncommon for Wayne to casually drop by Customer Service for an afternoon teaching session. His humble spirit was coupled with a persistence rarely found today. He was the driving force behind years of lab work finally coming to fruition in the marketplace. His work routine included years of early mornings, late nights, and weekends as he built an impressive legacy.

Wayne plans to spend a lot of time fishing and sleeping as he enters retirement. He will be missed. He left an indelible mark on Sashco that will never fade. We wish Wayne all the best as he enters the next chapter in life.

Thank you seems insufficient. We are grateful for 40 years of incredible service.


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