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Keeping your log home beautiful and protected is a big deal. You’ve invested too much to skimp when it comes to stain maintenance. Consistent maintenance inspections and routine reapplication of stain or clear coats where needed, when needed, are the key to keeping your dream log home, well, dreamy.

That said, how many times have you thought, “I should really get this project done around the house,” and then put it off another year?

We won’t require you to answer (because then we’d have to admit the same thing ourselves…eek!)


What is secondary prep? After you’ve gotten down to clean sound wood it’s time to clean up and remove wood fuzz media blasting another methods left behind.

When properly done, most blasting methods create at least some “felting”, AKA “wood fuzz.” Prior to applying any finishing products you must remove wood fuzz. Eventually all of that fuzz will fall off, so any stain applied to it will leave a mottled appearance and leave those areas exposed to weather. Additionally, blasting can sometimes raise the grain too much, making the wood too coarse. Even though the coarse texture is beneficial for stain adhesion, it makes the stain look darker and rougher.

After media blasting, secondary prep is necessary to remove any “felting” or wood fuzz.  Removing it will ensure that the stain adheres to sound wood.


Log homes are special because every log has its own unique grain pattern, knots, and history. Chances are, you know and love each one of them like the back of your hand. Logs are special, they’re not the same as 2x4s. They need special care. Why? Three reasons:


log homes are special because logs ain't wood.


This is the story of the Nicholas Martin Home Restoration |New Hampshire

It Started with a Dream…

A young boy and his dad. Hours spent tucked away together fishing the trout streams of New Hampshire’s quiet woods. In those quiet woods, a dream took root in Nicholas Martin’s heart. As he and  his father fished, they would imagine and dream together of one day having a cabin of their very own to  visit.


Routine log home maintenance will keep your home looking beautiful as well as cut down on costs. Everyone knows that a $30 oil change twice a year beats a $2,000 mechanic’s bill. Routine maintenance on your logs, timbers or wood could be the difference between $2,000 every 3-5 years or $20,000 to completely redo the job. It’s truly the key to “a better way to stain.”


Homeowners and others confused by so many stain and stain color choices in the marketplace are pleased to learn that it doesn’t have to be hard to choose the right stain so their log, wood or timber frame home is finished right the first time. On August 18th, 2011, Sashco was proud to partner with The Log and Timber Home Show to present an educational webinar about choosing the best stain for log and wood homes.