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Small Details, Big Performance


because we’re a big fan of small details

The Challenge:

We’ve partnered with RetroTec and a few builders, like Aron Jones of Big Dog Construction, and Matt Risinger of the Build Show, that are focusing on small details to achieve high-performance builds and we’re sending them our products as well as a RetroTec blower door so that they can measure how well of an air sealing job they’ve done with each stage of their build. Then at the end of the build, we’re going to give one lucky viewer a cooler full of our sealants and their very own blower door so they can bring these details into their next build. 

How to Enter:

Watch the series unfold on Matt’s IG @risingerbuild, fill out the form linked below to sign up plus follow @risingerbuild, @thebuildshow, @sashcoinc, and @retrotec on IG.  After the last blower door score is revealed, he’ll announce the winner! ​