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Small Details, Big Performance


because we’re a big fan of small details

The Challenge:

We’ve partnered with RetroTec and a few builders and educators, like Matt Blomquist of Build Learn Teach, that are focusing on small details to achieve high-performance builds.

We sent Matt and his students our products as well as a RetroTec blower door so that they can measure how well of an air sealing job they’ve done with each stage of their student-built house in Taylorville, IL.  

We’re going to give one lucky viewer a cooler full of our sealants and a Hikmicro thermal gun so they can bring these details into their next build. 

How to Enter:

Watch the build on Matt’s IG @build_learn_teach, fill out the form linked below to sign up plus follow @build_learn_teach, @sashcoinc, @retrotec, and @hikmicro_thermography on IG.  The winner will be announced Tuesday, May 23rd at 5:00 pm MST.