The Restoration Stain

Oil-based log home and cabin stain made for restoration projects

Transformation Stain® Log and Timber

Why use Transformation Log & Timber Stain on your log cabin?

  • Beautiful semi-transparent glossy finish: Shows off the most unique and beautiful aspect of your log home – the wood grain.
  • Select blend of flexible oils moves with your logs: Penetrates and seals to protect your home from the elements instead of cracking and peeling within a few months like other stains.
  • Perfect for restoration jobs: No surprises in adhesion or wetting out the surface during application. Transformation is compatible with a wide variety of previous stains, sealers, and coatings, making it the go-to stain when you’re not sure what was previously on the wood or if the previous stain was oil-based. (P.S. It’s also great on new construction where no previous stain has been used.)
  • Longer open time: Prevents lap marks for professional results

NEW! Flex Tint™ Jobsite Stain Tinting System

Contractors: Change colors on the fly or make an extra gallon of stain, all on the jobsite.  In fact, you can prep, sample, make the color choice, and start staining without ever leaving the jobsite. (Score!) Flex Tint is the right color, right quantity, right now. Learn more now!

Transformation Log & Timber is perfect on exterior vertical woodwork, including:

  • Logs & timbers
  • Siding & trim
  • Spindles & railings
  • Porch roofs

Available Sizes: 1 Gallon & 5 Gallon Pails
Available Colors: 

Watch how to apply Transformation Stain® Log and Timber to logs that have been media blasted.

What if you could see how your log home stain would perform before you ever applied it?

Now you can. Sashco put Transformation Log and Timber Stain to the test in side-by-side comparisons with a variety of other log home stains. Download the full report to get the results of this 18-month-long outdoor exposure test.

Log home restoration is about a striking transformation: old, damaged, and weathered logs go from dull and lifeless to rich and brilliant again. With Sashco’s Transformation Log & Timber stain, that’s possible. Transformation’s flexible oil-based formula moves with your logs to prevent water and UV damage. It’s compatible with a wide variety of previous stains, making it the go-to product when you don’t know exactly what is on your logs. Its translucent, glossy finish brings out the character of the wood grain, resulting in a beautiful finish that you’ll want to stare at every day. Restore what nature destroyed with Sashco’s Transformation Log & Timber stain.

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