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Lexel: The Clearest Clear Sealant vs. Other Clear Sealants

When it comes to caulks and sealants, what does “clear” usually mean?

Lexel is the clearest of them all. Sashco’s all-new Lexel cartridge really shows who is the clearest of them all.

For most caulk makers and users, “clear” usually means cloudy, or slightly white, or sickly gray. Rarely does it mean what people are actually looking for: something that you can look through that doesn’t skew what’s on the other side. (Think of a window or plastic wrap.)

What does clear mean on a Lexel® sealant cartridge?

It means a rating of 6 on the NTU scale. Pure, filtered water is rated a 0 on the NTU scale. We mean clear, not “nearly clear” like the other guys.


Why so clear?

Like you, we here at Sashco get frustrated by the toy that breaks, or tires that wear out too quickly, or “clear” sealant that should really be called “cloudy with a chance of yellow.”  We want to make a clear sealant that disappears once applied. Since Lexel® was first introduced back in 1986, we’ve staked our reputation on making sure our clear is actually clear.

That's paint under Lexel. Yes, it's that clear. That’s paint UNDER Lexel. Yes, it’s that clear.

In fact, Sashco was the first company to put bold clarity out there for everyone to see by packaging Lexel® in a clear cartridge. At the time, that was unheard of. The other guys were still hiding their cloudy “clear” behind the white walls of traditional caulking cartridges. Consumers didn’t find out until after they started applying some that they were really using something that was unlikely to disappear anytime soon.

Innovation is alive and well at Sashco

After 10 years in development, Sashco just introduced the all-new Lexel® cartridge. It’s the clearest clear cartridge available today. And why not? We have nothing to hide. Lexel® clear is still the same exact product that was introduced back in 1986 and it’s not going cloudy – or gray, or yellow, or un-clear – anytime soon. When you absolutely, positively need your clear sealant to be actually clear, the choice is (ahem…) clear: choose Lexel®.

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