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Simple Ways to Stop Wasting Money On Jobs.

Meet Mark. Mark is a man’s-man just like you. He works hard in the field. He does his best to make his customers happy. He uses the best products. Loves his wife and a chainsaw – you get the picture. So, what’s the difference between you and Mark? Mark won’t lose a penny on wasted product, delayed projects, or lost jobs this season. Why? Because Mark discovered Flex Tint from Sashco.We’ll let him tell you about it in his own words!

Mark, you mentioned that you recently encountered a scenario where you ran out of product and it affected a job, big time? Can you tell us about that?

“Nightmare scenario. We ran 1-gallon short of Capture stain at a job that was 5-hours away from our yard. Literally, 1 gallon! There were no distributors within a 5-hour radius. I had to overnight a 5-gallon bucket from Denver at the cost of $183.00 shipping, plus the actual price of product to avoid a 10-hour round trip that would have cost me at least a thousand bucks, two guys, two motel rooms, meals, all because we were ONE flippin’ gallon short.  Good times (insert eye roll). That’s why Flex Tint is like money in my pocket. Now, when this happens, I’m ready. I simply take an extra bucket or two of neutral Capture stain as insurance and mix as needed. Done! Literally no delay.”

Has there been a time when you’ve lost money because a client changed their mind about the color? 

“Oh I’ve got a story for you about that! 9,000 sq ft job for a VERY high-end client (her home is a museum). She chose her colors and signed the contract accordingly. Yep, you know where this is heading. As we were finishing the first coat, she decided she would much rather go as light as possible (aspirin anyone?). Rather than disappointing a good client, we shut down, ordered eight additional buckets of stain to complete the job, and counted dollar signs as we waited. Fast forward through a host of complications that resulted in a three-week (three!) delay. A delay that cost me nearly $30,000 in income. Any guy out here knows how limited our season is. That was a very real loss of production. Painful. Flex Tint to the rescue again! We would have simply mixed a batch of the appropriate color and kept working. I mean, are you kidding me? That’s a game-changer!”

If you could give someone new to the industry one piece of advice learned from these examples, what would it be? 

“I’ll use the museum house story because it has a happy ending and a valuable lesson! Happy ending – we signed $250,000 in work for her next year. Valuable lesson? What started as a delay in getting just enough product to finish her house could have cost us $250,000 in additional work. That alone makes Flex Tint VERY important to me. My advice is to have a trailer stocked with neutral Capture (or Transformation Stain) and Flex Tint cartridges. The neutral is your insurance policy, so have good coverage. Stock up! No harm, no foul by having too much. You can always use it. Don’t learn the hard, expensive way. Flex Tint will literally keep you from throwing away money.”