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What To Look For In Tub & Tile Caulk | Bathtub caulk

Finding the right caulking product for the bathroom can be tricky. Bathrooms are warm, humid environments, so durability on its own isn’t enough – you need a caulk that is specifically designed to handle moisture. If you don’t use the right caulk on your bathroom projects, you could end up having to do short-term repairs, which can hurt your reputation and make your customers unhappy. Here’s what to look for in a great tub and tile caulk.

Key Properties To Look For In Tub And Tile Caulk

There’s so much to keep in mind when looking for a tub and tile caulk. As with any type of caulk, it needs to be highly adhesive and elastic, but it also needs to be appropriate for humid environments.

Won’t Mold

This is one of the most important things to look for when choosing a bathroom caulk. Of course, the caulk needs to be highly waterproof, but it also needs to go beyond that and actually resist mold and mildew growth. When you take a shower, it creates a warm, humid environment where mold can grow very easily. Not only is mold very unsightly, but it can actually cause health issues as well if it’s left to grow completely unchecked. Oily products actually feed mold. You’ll want to find a product with active-enzymes that eliminate mold’s ability to grow on or in sealant.


All great sealants need to have elastic properties. “Flexible” caulk is not enough when you need high-performance. You need a sealant with maximum stretch. This is because homes naturally move and shift over time. This is especially true in tubs and sinks where extra weight is constantly being added, pulling down on the joints with adjacent fixtures.

Great Adhesion

Bathroom caulks should be extremely adhesive despite elements like moisture, temperature changes, movement, or the surface material. If a sealant isn’t adhering properly it can’t do it’s job of sealing!


If you use a caulk that isn’t fully waterproof, it could start peeling off when your client takes a shower or bath. It can also lead to leaks (obviously).

Won’t Wear And Tear

The bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in the house. Since your customers will likely be using their bathtubs every single day, you need a tub and tile caulk that’s not going to wear down over time. Furthermore, bathroom caulk also needs to be able to stand up to regular cleaning and shouldn’t pull away if the homeowner scrubs it or uses a strong cleaner.

Easy To Use

Finally, you need to make sure that your bathroom caulk is easy to use. When you’re busy on a project, you don’t want to waste extra time fussing with an ineffective nozzle design or difficult formula. When your bathroom caulk is easy to use, you can get the project done quickly and effectively.

Why CleanSeal Should Be Your Go-To Tub And Tile Caulk

Sascho’s CleanSeal is a one-of-a-kind formula that’s specifically designed for bathrooms. It uses a unique active enzyme technology for superior performance, especially in moist, humid environments.

Mold-Stopping Enzymes

One of the things that makes this caulk so great is that it actually prevents mold from growing in the first place. The anti-mold enzymes counteract the natural oils that mold and mildew feed off of. Since it prevents mold growth, it means that your customers won’t have to clean the bathroom as often, and they won’t have to worry about the potential health problems that come with mold and mildew growth.

Highly Elastic and Adhesive

Sashco’s CleanSeal is extremely elastic and adhesive, and it’s designed to work on a wide range of surfaces. They include common bathroom surfaces like tile and glass as well as cement, wood, plastics, metals, and more. This elasticity means that the caulk moves with the house as it settles, and the extreme adhesion means that the caulk won’t peel off over time, no matter how much you scrub. The caulk forms a watertight seal that you and your customers can trust.

Withstands Deep Cleaning

Many people clean their bathrooms more often than the rest of their house, or use more powerful cleaning products. Because of this, the caulk you use in the bathroom needs to retain its adhesiveness and color no matter how often you clean it. CleanSeal is incredibly resilient and won’t budge no matter how hard you scrub. You can also use chemical cleaners with this caulk without worrying about long-term damage.

Goes On Smooth And Easy

CleanSeal is easy to apply. It goes on smooth and is very easy to touch up with water for an even finish. It also has very low VOC content, which means it’s very safe and environmentally friendly. Your customers and your team will both appreciate the lack of offensive smells.

Peace of Mind

With Sashco CleanSeal, you can give your customers true peace of mind. You’ll also feel at ease knowing you can rely on CleanSeal’s superior performance. CleanSeal comes with a seven year warranty. If your caulking molds or fails in another way and you get a callback because of it, Sashco will reimburse you for your time reapplying. You always want to give your customers long-lasting performance, and you can feel more confident knowing that CleanSeal is up to the job.


Having the right tools of the trade makes all the difference when it comes to your caulking. Sashco CleanSeal offers superior performance for bathroom and kitchen projects, and has all the features you need in a tub and tile caulk. Try Sashco CleanSeal today to see a real difference in your bathroom caulking projects.