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Easy to Use – Hard to See

Keep out weather, bugs, and moisture without seeing it. Conceal disappears into the woodwork so you don’t know the wood starts and the caulk begins.

This elastic and versatile caulk stretches and compresses as logs move, ensuring that the elements and insects stay out of your log home for years to come. Conceal Textured Caulk comes in several colors to match today’s log home stains so that you can’t tell where the log ends and the caulk begins!

10.5oz $10.99 USD
30oz $24.49 USD
5gal $369.49

Opciones de color

Frontier Gold
Harvest Wheat
Brown Tone
Red Tone
Grizzly Brown
Weathered Gray
Esto sirve como una representación digital de nuestros colores, el color puede variar. Si desea solicitar una tarjeta de color con el producto real, comuníquese con nosotros.

Product Info

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Features & Benefits

Blends in with wood More Info

Lightly textured to blend seamlessly with woodgrain so you see wood, not caulk lines.

Moves with Your Logs More Info

Absorbs normal log movement. Won’t dry hard and crack over time to keep bugs, dust, and weather where they belong – outside.

Easy to apply and cleanup More Info

Water-based for easy smoothing, application, and cleanup. Bonus: also easy on the nose.

Freeze-thaw stable More Info

Stable through 5 freeze-thaw cycles. Okay to leave in your unheated garage overnight. Just thaw and use.

How much Conceal do I need?

Use our handy Caulkulator (also for stains and clear coats!) to enter your square footage and wood porosity to find out how much you’ll need.

Using Log Sealants

How Much Do You Need?

What is high performance?

We talk a lot about high performance around here, but what the heck makes a sealant or caulk high performance?

A sealant or caulk should be flexible, elastic, and adhesive. Many sealants are flexible, adhesive, or elastic. It is the combination of all three together that leads to high performance, meaning durability and longevity you can trust.

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