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Prevent Rot Before It Starts.

Cobra Rods are a way to spot treat decay-prone areas such as log ends that are already coated with a finish. Dual-biocide of copper and borate prevents rot before it starts in highly-exposed logs and timbers.

½” x 2” (10) $49.99 USD
½” x 2” (50) $139.99 USD
½” x 2” (100) $265.99 USD
½” x 4” (50) $208.99

Product Info

This is Why You Should Use Cobra Rods

Prevents rot before it starts More Info

When activated by moisture, Cobra Rods dissolve and are carried to the areas that need it the most to prevent rot

Easy to install More Info

Drill a hole, drop it in, seal it up. Simple.

Easy to replace More Info

Has a rod dissolved? Simply drop in another. Oh – and deal with the moisture problem ASAP!

Why are Cobra Rods better?

In short: diffusion into the wood is always better than a thinner “shell” of protection from a spray-on product alone.

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