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Bring Your Logs Back to Life

Clean and brighten bare logs and wood, remove surface dirt, pollen, and kill mold for maintenance, and keep your logs looking fresh with CPR Log Cleaner and Brightener.

MSRP: $29.49 USD

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Features and Benefits

Gentle yet effective More Info

Oxygenated bleach formula removes dirt, pollen, and other surface contaminants (bird poo, anyone?) to reveal clean, fresh wood

Kills mold and algae More Info

Strong enough to get rid of those pesky microorganisms that degrade your stain

Easy to mix and apply More Info

Water and a pump sprayer are all you need

Safe to use around pets and kids More Info

Even if Fido and Freddy get some on them, it rinses easily and won’t do any damage

How much CPR do I need?

  • At cleaner strength (8:1), 1 container mixed will clean 750-1,000 square feet, depending on wood porosity

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