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Finish Sanding

Remove Wood Felting and Raised Grain.

Remove wood fuzz (called felting) after power washing or media blasting, and knock down excessive raised grain with Sashco’s finish sanding tools.

How many Osborn Brushes will I need?

Depending on what’s being removed, a single Osborn brush can be used on 2,000-4,000 square feet before needing replacement.

How many Buffy Pads Will I need?

Depending on what’s being removed, a single Buffy Pad can cover 150-200 square feet before needing to be replaced. The Grabber Pad should be replaced every 10-15 Buffy Pad changes. The Backer Pad needs to be replaced rarely (every 10 Grabber Pads).

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This is Why You Should Sand

Removes wood fuzz & raised grain More Info

All of that wood fuzz will interfere with stain adhesion and appearance. Remove it before you stain for excellent stain performance

No switching out constantly More Info

Unlike sandpaper, one buffy pad or Osborn brush can cover hundreds, even thousands, of square feet before it needs to be switched out.

Prep interior wood before clear coats More Info

Excellent for the lighter prep work needed on interior surfaces to get them ready for a clear coat

No rust marks More Info

Made with steel-free materials to prevent rust marks under the stain

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