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Cracked Concrete? Four Reasons to Repair Concrete With Slab.

Got cracks? Some concrete repair products are tough but do not stick, while others are flexible but do not last. Slab combines the durability, flexibility, and adhesion you need for lasting concrete crack repairs. Still not convinced? Here are four reasons why Slab is your superior concrete repair solution.

Four reasons to use Slab:

1. It sticks & stays.

Slab adheres powerfully to concrete, bricks, and stones but never dries hard and cracks. Slab contains elastomeric polymers, which act like tiny springs that allow the adhesive to move and flex with the surface, so it won’t crack or stop sticking. You don’t have to worry about it cracking or coming loose. Consider that bad-boy fixed. You won’t have to do the job again.

The Other Guys dry hard, crack, and stop sticking to the concrete. What good is that? You have to do it again. At least you get to work out those arm muscles when you have to scrape it off again!

2. Slab stretches. 

There’s no doubt that Slab would make a great yoga partner because it stretches up to 250% of its original joint size. Don’t be fooled by its zen-like nature. It is one tough mamma-jamma that doesn’t falter or fail in the face of heat waves or cold spells.

As for the other guys, they have obviously never practiced yoga. Having little or no elasticity, they have no concept of flexibility. Whenever the weather turns cold or hot, they split down the middle. Because everyone loves wasting time and doing rework, right (insert sarcasm and eye roll)? It just doesn’t make sense.

3. Uber Earth-friendly.
No one wants to be the stinky guy. Slab doesn’t smell. It contains no isocyanates, which are hazardous to the environment, skin, and pets. It’s water-based, so it’s easy to clean up, apply, & use.

There’s no denying it, the Other Guys stink, and they’re bad news for your pets and skin. That’s a pass.

4. Most other concrete repair caulks aren’t what they’re “cracked up” to be. 

Ants and dandelions have a place, just not on your concrete, stone, or brick walkways. The solution is Slab.

Check out the video below to learn more about Slab, and then order online or at your nearest retailer.