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Caulking Tips: Using Slab for Concrete Crack Repairs

1. Slab sticks & stays.

The Other Guys: they dry hard, crack and then stop sticking to the concrete. What’s the point in that? You have to do your work again.

Slab: it has powerful adhesion to concrete, brick and stone, but will never dry hard and crack. The result is a job that lasts.

2. Slab stretches. 
The Other Guys: Let’s just say they haven’t done yoga…ever. They have little elasticity. Once cold weather or a heat wave hits, they split down the middle. What’s the point in that? You have to do your work again.

Slab: It stretches up to 250% of original joint size. It’s not afraid of any wimpy heat wave or cold spell. It is super elastic. It practices yoga regularly.

3. Slab is Earth friendly.
The Other Guys: They smell. Your pets and skin will agree.

Slab: It doesn’t smell. Simple as that. It contains no isocyanates, which aren’t very friendly to the earth, your skin or your pets. It’s water-based, so easy to clean up, apply & use.

All things considered, other concrete repair caulks just aren’t what they’re cracked up to be. 

So stop collecting ants and dandelions in your concrete, stone or brick walkways. Fix it with Slab. Learn more about Slab in the video below, and buy some today.